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Company Secretarial Compliances

The Company Secretarial Compliances are all those compliances a company is mandated to make with relevant regulatory authorities, in order to remain legally perfect and secure, and constantly progressive and profitable undaunted. The importance of such company secretarial compliances in India has been further gravely enhanced by many new provisions and rules of the new Indian Companies Act of 2013 and its allied Rules, regularly being tightened rules and regulations of the SEBI (the Securities and Exchange Board of India), RBI, FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act), and other laws and statutes related with the business/service of various economic entities located in India. It must be kept in mind that in the cases of delayed compliances or non-compliance, there are provisions of heavy and rigorous fines, penalties, and punishments to the culprits.

Internationally famous and reliable, our well-founded and well-resourced full-service law firm of Delhi also offers the retainership secretarial services as an ancillary service to companies, firms, and organizations belonging to Indian and foreign people/entities, and located in entire India. The range of our supportive services for secretarial compliances is rather broad and all-encompassing, and includes the services listed separately under the section below. For extending such supporting and ancillary services, our booming law firm has an ornate pool of veteran and innovative lawyers and company secretaries, who are well-informed and rather proficient in their respective areas. To know more about the outstanding and impeccable qualities of our secretarial compliance services, and the vast coverage of these services by our highly prestigious law firm of India, interested people/entities may refer to the webpage:

Our Services for Secretarial Compliances

In general, the periodic and annual secretarial and compliance services to be made by different categories of companies in India, may relate to the bulk or most of the following particulars:

  • Compliances with the concerned ROC related with the Internal and External company Management and Governance
  • Tax related compliances with Tax Departments and GSTN
  • Compliances as per the Secretarial Standards I & II
  • Compliances demanded by the provisions and rules of RBI, FEMA, and so on.
  • Compliances under the various Acts and Regulations associated with SEBI, such as the Listing Regulations of 2015
  • Compliances under all concerned legal Acts and Statutes, such as the Labor and Employment Law, Corporate and Commercial Laws, IPR Laws, Pollution Control Act, etc.
  • Various Event-based Compliances
  • And, other compliances mandated in the Companies Act of 2013 (including all amendments thereto so far) and all Rules connected with this.

Our flawless, efficient, and reasonably-charged retainership secretarial and compliance services cover broadly the following tasks and services:

  • Preparation, maintenance, and filing/handling of all documents, reports, registers, and contracts essentially required by a company.
  • Obtaining certificates or licenses ever needed by a company from the concerned governmental/regulatory authorities.
  • Periodic and annual compliances with Tax Departments and GSTN
  • Secretarial auditing services
  • All compliances related with share trading, the money market and capital market
  • All tasks and compliances related with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India, with authorities like RBI, FEMA, and so on.
  • Expert advisory and transactional support related with allotment of shares and share consolidation, share transactions, business restructuring, fund raising, private placements, etc.
  • Compliances under various concerned authorities, regulatory bodies, and laws (such as labor & employment laws, corporate and commercial laws, maritime & admiralty law, intellectual property laws, environmental law, etc.)
  • Processing related with increasing the authorized capital of a company, alterations in its MOA and AOA, striking off or dissolution, appointments and resignations/removals of top managerial professionals, disqualified directors, and other activities related with the internal/external management and governance of the company.
  • Registration, maintenance, and protection of various objects of the intellectual property
  • Processes related with Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, etc.
  • Credit monitoring assessment (CMA)
  • Policies and strategies for smooth business, larger profitability, and business growth.
  • And, various Event-based compliances.

How We Help with Company Secretarial Compliances ?

Interested companies, firms, or organizations active in India, may utilize our expert and efficient retainership secretarial and compliance services, just through ringing over: +91-81303-00046; or sending their relevant queries or requests to: Or Fill Query Form.


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