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Retainership Secretarial Services

The Retainership Secretarial Services are the services which are offered or performed by an expert practicing company secretary, who is retained by a company/firm/organization for such purposes and is paid the agreed retainership fees and charges. Any interested business/service entity may avail such services for six months, one year, or more, based on the specific/regular requirements and the discretion of the entity. Usually, the retained CS takes separate charge for every extra service, such as any unplanned event-based task, or appearance on your behalf before any regulatory/governmental authority or law court. The retainership secretarial services when received from any duly recognized and renowned body/firm of professional company secretaries and corporate lawyers, can certainly be of lavish and great help and benefits. After outsourcing all secretarial and compliance services to such a firm, a company can be fully free to concentrate on its smooth business and profitability, business expansion and diversification, and well-rounded corporate prosperity and security. Our well-resourced and internationally famous full-service law firm of Delhi, which has a pool of well-experienced and veteran corporate and company lawyers and professional company secretaries, extends impeccable and efficient retainership secretarial services to small and large companies and firms engaged in various economic sectors in entire India.

It must always be kept in mind that if a company/firm somehow fails to make proper and strict compliances with all the rules and regulations concerned, then it shall be rigorously liable for and susceptible to various fines, penalties, and prosecutions. Again, the new Indian Companies Act of 2013 (and subsequent amendments thereto) necessitates much more (as compared to the earlier Companies Act of 1956) disclosure requirements and obligations by different companies located in India to the Registrar of Companies (ROC), Shareholders and Investors, Stock Exchanges, Tax Departments and GSTN, and various Legal and Regulatory Authorities. The rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), RBI, FEMA, and so on, too have become rather stringent and dynamic. Hence, the need for expert and efficient secretarial services has now become rather acute and aggravated to various economic entities of India.

Our veteran and renowned lawyers and company secretaries offer the full-range of expert and securing advisory and secretarial services to diverse economic entities located in India, related with the corporate, legal, and secretarial areas. Our retainership secretarial and compliance services are listed separately under the section below. It must be noted that these services are considered as being the lifeblood of all business/service entities. In addition to making our clients and patrons well-acquainted with the latest developments in the legislation and regulations related with companies, our famous and popular retainership services seek to make them rather secure (legally and commercially), optimally profitable, and ever-progressive. Broadly, the following are the outstanding and enticing qualities of our superb and swift retainership services to clients:

  • Accuracy, Perfection, and Full Responsibility
  • Reasonable and easily Affordable Retainership Fees and Charges
  • Generous Policies for Regular and Old Clients and Patrons
  • Our Ever-growing Prestige and Popularity in India and Abroad
  • High Efficiency and Punctuality
  • Our Rich & Varied Stock of Multidisciplinary Knowledge and Expertise
  • And, Our Unflinching Duty and Dedication towards Better, Safer, and Prosperous Corporate World in India and abroad.

Our Retainership Secretarial and Compliance Services

Our expert and impeccable secretarial and compliance services may be harnessed for the desired period of time, once, regularly for a long-time, or intermittently, at quite reasonable retainership fees. Broadly, these services of our highly prestigious and innovative law firm of India, are the following:

  • Filing all mandatory and advisable reports, documents, accounts and annual return, and necessary applications on behalf of your company
  • Offering up-to-date, expert, and efficient advisory services on all statutory matters and registers
  • Perfect and strict maintenance of Statutory Registers & Books, preparation and processing of Minutes Book and various Annual Filing
  • Handling appointments, resignations, and termination of Directors, Auditors, and other associated professionals.
  • Drafting various authority letters, contracts and agreements, power of attorneys, applications, petitions, and so on.
  • Obtaining necessary documents, certificates, licenses, etc. from the concerned regulatory bodies.
  • Advice over and processing of the allotment of company shares, and share consolidation
  • Striking off or Dissolution
  • Making necessary alterations in the MOA and AOA of the company/firm
  • Share transactions and business restructuring
  • Dealing with money and capital market
  • Compliances under tax departments, GSTN, RBI, FEMA, etc.
  • Compliances under the SEBI's Listing Regulations 2015
  • Making changes in company name, address of its registered office, etc.
  • Increasing/reducing the authorized capital of the company
  • Compliances under various concerned authorities, regulatory bodies, and laws (such as labor & employment laws, corporate and commercial laws, maritime & admiralty law, intellectual property laws, environmental law, etc.)
  • Private Placements
  • Services and compliances related with CSR
  • FDI related processes and compliances
  • Compliances under the regulations of FEMA and RBI
  • Services for setting up the Branch Office/Liaison Office/Project Office in India
  • Credit Monitoring Assessment (CMA)
  • Advisory services related with Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions, etc.
  • Registration and Protection of various IPR
  • Processing related with disqualified directors
  • And, various Event-based services and compliances.

How We Help with Retainership Secretarial ?

Interested companies, firms, or organizations active in India, may harness our expert and efficient retainership secretarial and compliance services, just through calling over: +91-81303-00046; or sending their relevant queries or requests to: Or Fill Query Form.


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