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Convert Company Type - Company Conversion in India

Any type of existing company may readily and easily be converted into the desired form of a company with expert, efficient, and generously-charged legal support of our well-learned, adequately experienced, and innovative company lawyers of international fame. This particular webpage contains exclusive and very useful information about company conversion in india, to help wise and ambitious entrepreneurs and various types of companies located in entire India.

Depending upon certain aims, advantages, constraints, or availability of specific benefits, a certain type of company may require to get itself converted into the targeted type of company. For example, a sole proprietorship may cherish to convert itself to any of the following types --- An OPC, LLP, or a Private Limited Company, considering many above-noted factors.

Our erudite, well-informed, and proficient company lawyers are expert at converting any form of company into the desired type of company, which could be located or engaged anywhere in entire India. More information about the above-stipulated factors is provided separately in the lower sub-headings.

Well-based in Delhi and famous internationally, our full-services and highly prestigious law firm of India, is well-known and popular nationwide for its ace-quality and generous services for all types of companies and all major categories of intellectual property. Our perfect and updated legal services for companies relate with incorporation, business management and maintenance, undaunted stability and growth, and greater profitability and reputation.

Conversion of OPC into Private Limited Company

Introduced in India by the new Companies Act of 2013, a One Person Company (OPC) can easily and lawfully be converted into a private limited company, voluntarily or mandatorily. For voluntary conversion, the OPC must has passed two years from its date of incorporation. On the other hand, for mandatory conversion, the total paid-up capital of the OPC should be more than Rs. 50 Lakh, or its average annual turnover during past three financial years should be more than Rs. 2 Crore. Again, the conversion procedure in any case, must be in accordance with the provisions given in the Sections 18 and 122 of the Companies Act of 2013; and the rules given in the Companies (Incorporation) Rules of 2014, including the Rule 7(4).

Conversion of Private Limited Company into One Person Company (OPC)

A private limited company may change itself into a one person company (OPC), provided that it should not be a Section-8 company. But, for such a conversion, it is advisable that the total paid-up capital of the private limited company, and also its annual turnover should be considerably less than Rs. 50 Lakh and Rs. 2 Crore, respectively. The conversion processes must be in accordance with the provisions provided in the Sections 18 and 122 of the Companies Act of 2013, and the rules given in the Companies (Incorporation) Rules of 2014, particularly the sub-rules in the Rule 7.

Conversion of Private Ltd. Company Into LLP

Registered and regulated under the provisions and rules contained by the LLP Act of 2008 and the LLP Rules of 2009, LLP in India avail many lavish benefits over a private limited company, particularly when the paid-up capital, its membership, and the annual turnover are likely to remain limited. For registering an LLP in India, there are required only two designated partners at a minimum. Also, LLPs in India enjoy certain relaxations and exemptions related with statutory compliances, auditing of accounts, taxation, etc., over those of the private limited companies.

Convert a Business to LLP

A Business, which is being conducted by means of any form of a company, may be converted into the hugely popular form of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company, with support of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt of India. Registered and regulated as per the provisions and rules given in the Indian LLP Act of 2008 and the LLP Rules of 2009, the limited liability partnership companies enjoy certain exclusive benefits and advantages over many other types of companies (incorporated as per the Companies Act of 2013).

Convert a Proprietorship Firm into a Private Limited Company

A sole proprietorship firm may be converted into a private limited company, to avail an array of benefits granted by the Companies Act, 2013. In India, a private limited company enjoys the following notable advantages and benefits over the proprietorship type --- lawful recognition nationwide, perpetuity of existence, benefits of limited liability, facilities and subsidies offered by the government, enhancement of the paid-up share capital as well as membership, and convenience in making compliances related with GST and the Companies Act of 2013.

Convert Sole Proprietorship into One Person Company (OPC)

Recently introduced in India by the new Companies Act of 2013, the One Person Company (OPC) avails the following main benefits and advantages over the sole proprietorship form of business --- universal legal recognition and protection nationwide, benefits of limited liability, perpetual existence, availability of governmental subsidies and relaxations, lavish facility of growing the paid-up capital and membership, and easier compliances under GST and all other laws concerned. Again, for formation and incorporation of an OPC, only one director and one shareholder are minimally required, both may also be the same person.

How to Contact for Company Conversion ?

Wise and ambitious entrepreneurs or companies located in entire India, may promptly avail our expert, efficient, and reasonably-charged legal services for converting their respective existing company into the desired type of company, just through calling over: +91-8800-100-284; or sending their sincere requests at:


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