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Company Brand Name & Logo Registration

Our globally prominent and popular law firm located in Delhi, offers first-class, expeditious, and economical legal services for registration of diverse forms of companies, and all objects of intellectual property in all across India, and the whole world. All other major and most significant areas of the law are also well-served by our lawyers of erudition and international repute, by our well-connected full-service law firm of India.

Today in entire India, all diverse forms of companies, except the LLP firms, are registered and regulated by the new Companies Act of 2013. Our veteran and expert company lawyers offer masterly and responsible legal services for establishments of these all forms of companies in any place of India or abroad. While, all objects of intellectual property are registered under separate law for each of these objects. As far as trademarks and logos are concerned, these are registered, regulated, and protected under the rules and regulations given in the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, and amendments made thereto so far. In the elaborate section given below, presented is detailed information about the procedure for trademark registration in all across India, under this Indian trademark law. Our trademark lawyers are well-versed in supporting all international registrations of trademarks and service marks kept under all 45 classes of these, under the conventions of the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark.

How to Register a Trademark for a Company Name and Logo

For trademark, service mark, or logo registration, every part of India has a well-established regional trademark registry office; these zonal offices are gracefully founded in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. Each of these offices has certain well-defined jurisdictional area which covers many other surrounding States besides the State it is located in. The application for registration of any newly invented trademark or logo is filed depending on the situation of the applicant company or firm. The following are diverse tasks and processes involved in the entire procedure for registering a trademark or logo in any part of India:
  1. Creation of an appropriately suitable and scintillating trademark or logo
  2. Ascertaining ingenious originality and unquestionable uniqueness of the same through trademark search in entire India
  3. Completing perfectly and filing systematically the application for registration with the pertinent regional trademarks office
  4. Extending well-informed and wise prosecution for expeditious and perfect registration of the trademark or logo
  5. Tackling probable cases of opposition or infringement allegation by other people or entities
  6. Then, acquiring the certificate of trademark registration

Our well-read and well-experienced trademark lawyers of international renown offer these all services to Indian and global people and entities in India, and also in countries abroad. Therefore, for registering any new trademark or logo in India, companies and firms engaged in all various economic fields, can readily contact our prestigious and responsible law firm of India.