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How to Renew Trademark Name or Logo?

Timely renewals of the registered trademarks or logos are inevitable to enjoy all the rights related with trademarks in the given jurisdictions for indefinite period. In India, the registration of a trademark/service mark/brand logo is valid for 10 years from the date of initial registration/previous renewal. In this web-content, we are providing very useful information regarding how to renew trademark name or logo in India, to help Indian and foreign trademark-owners engaged in various fields of economy.

Exclusive information about trademark renewal in india is provided in the section 25 of the Indian Trade Marks Act of 1999. The trademark renewal process and services of our veteran trademark lawyers are separately expounded in the lower section. Here now, being mentioned briefly are the possible consequences of failure in punctual renewal of any registered trademark.

In absence of timely renewal of any registered trademark/service mark, it is subject to removal from the register of trademarks, after getting no response from the related trademark-owner. After such a removal, the concerned trademark-owner does not possess any legal or commercial rights over the removed trademark, which were being availed by him earlier. This means that after removal from the trademarks register, the related proprietor has no any rights to prevent other people or entities from using the said trademark or take rigorous legal action against cases of trademark infringement even in the nearest future.

Trademark Renewal Process and Services

Flawless and efficient trademark renewal and restoration services of our internationally reputed law firm of Delhi have been helping numerous Indian and global people and entities located in India for past many years.

Described below are our expert and reasonably-charged legal services for renewal and restoration of trademarks in entire India.
  • For punctual trademark renewal, the processing should be started about six months before the date of expiry of the concerned trademark. At present, the form used for this timely renewal is TM-12, and the official fee is Rs.- 5000/-.
  • Again, for renewal of any registered trademark within six months from the due date of renewal (expiration date), the form used is TM-10, and the surcharge levied is Rs. 3000/-.
  • Lastly, for restoration of any removed trademark from the Register of Trademarks, the form utilized is the TM-13, along with the restoration fee of Rs. 5000/-; the renewal fee will be extra.
In general, the entire procedure for renewal/restoration involves the following processes:
  • Drafting a Renewal/Restoration Application Letter
  • Filling in up the Prescribed Form
  • Filing the completed Application with the concerned Regional Trademark Registry Office of India
  • Paying the prescribed Renewal/Restoration fees
  • Making Expert Prosecution for Renewal/Restoration
  • Quality Checking and Review
  • Getting the Confirmation Letter of Renewal/Restoration
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