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Conversion of Private Limited Company into LLP

A Private Limited Company may lawfully and easily be converted into a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) company, to avail the benefits and advantages enjoyed by the LLPs in India. An LLP which is registered and regulated as per the provisions and rules given in the Indian LLP Act of 2008 and the LLP Rules of 2009, is different from the traditional partnerships which are registered and governed according to the Indian Partnerships Act of 1932. The LLP is entitled to reap the advantages offered by both the limited corporate body and the usual partnership firm. In general, a limited liability partnership company located anywhere in India, enjoys the following main exclusive and lavish advantages and benefits over a private limited company:

  • Greater Operational Flexibility and Easier Business Management
  • Much Lesser Mandatory Compliances with Registrar and Tax Departments
  • No Dividend Distribution Tax
  • Very suitable for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises and Professional Firms
  • Certain Relaxations and Exemptions related with Tax and Auditing of Accounts

A private limited company may opt for its conversion into a limited liability partnership, in order to reap the various above-noted benefits offered by llp in India. However, the stakeholders of such a private limited company must first ensure before its conversion, that its paid-up capital as well as membership, and also its annual turnover will remain limited in future. The conversion of private limited company into llp is to be executed strictly as per the relevant provisions and rules associated with the Companies Act of 2013 and the LLP Act of 2008. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Govt of India, is exclusively concerned with registration and regulation of LLPs located in entire India.

Procedure to Convert a Private Limited Company to LLP

Our well-established, well-resourced, and internationally famous law firm of India, well-based in Delhi, has been extending a rather comprehensive range of legal and advisory services to all most popular types of companies for around a very prospering decade, along with our excellent and innovative services for all categories of intellectual property. Supportive legal services for conversions of various types of companies into the desired forms, and also for winding up of different types of companies in India, are also covered by our erudite, veteran, and proficient company lawyers of international fame.

Broadly and in general, the entire procedure to convert a private limited company to llp in India, involves the following tasks and processes:

  • Calling a Board meeting by the concerned private limited company, and passing a rigorous and solemn resolution for the proposed conversion. Authorizing a director for performing the task of getting the desired name of the proposed LLP approved by MCA (through the e-Form 1) will also be required.
  • Obtaining DPIN or DIN for every Designated Partner of the proposed LLP, if they don't have a DIN. This is to be performed through e-Form 7 filed with the MCA Portal.
  • Drafting the requisite LLP Agreement, which is vital and most significant administrative and managerial document of an LLP, and corresponds to the MOA and AOA of a corporate body. This LLP Agreement may be filed through e-Form 3, within Thirty days of the registration of the concerned LLP.
  • Preparing all necessary incorporation documents for the LLP, and filing those through help of e-Form 2 and e-Form 4.
  • Filing the e-Form 18 with MCA Portal, the application for conversion into LLP, together with all demanded documents and attachments. And then, receiving the certificate of LLP registration from MCA.
  • Lastly, giving kind and strict intimation to the concerned ROC (under whom the private limited company was registered) regarding conversion of the company into LLP, within 15 days of registration of the LLP, through the e-Form 14, together with the particulars of the newly registered LLP.

How to Contact for Converting My Existing Pvt Ltd Company into LLP?

The interested or concerned private limited companies located anywhere in entire India, may readily and cheaply avail our expert services for their conversion into LLPs, just through phoning up over: +91-81303-00046; or sending their respective request for this service at:


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