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Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark or service-mark, or brand name or logo, is termed as trademark registration. These comprise a vital and very significant category of the intellectual property of a company/firm. Trademarks or service marks serve as the source identifiers and enhance the popularity, reputation, and profitability of the concerned companies in the targeted jurisdictional marketplaces. This particular webpage contains exclusive and very useful information about trademark registration in india, to help the concerned people and entities.

Based in Delhi, our law firm is a nationwide and internationally prominent legal firm for establishment of diverse companies in India, and our updated and expert legal services for all major categories of intellectual property. Our services for diverse intellectual property start from creation and registration to maintenance and protection. As far as trademarks and service-marks are concerned, ours these categories of services are available for all 45 classes of the Nice classification. Our prestigious law firm offers the service of the free trademark search, in connection with availing our trademark application filing in India. Perfection, economy of service charges, high efficiency and responsibility, generous policies for our regular and loyal clients, and our constantly growing popularity and fame in India and abroad, are the main specialties of our booming law firm of India.

Trademark Registration Process

Today, trademark registration in entire India is performed as per the provisions and rules given in the Trade Marks Act of 1999 (including all amendments made in this so far) and the Trade Marks Rules of 2017. In India, there are five well-established regional offices of trademark registry, each of which has jurisdiction over many surrounding States or/and Union Territories. These offices of trademark registry are located in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. Based on the location of the applicant company, the application for trademark registration is to be filed with the relevant office.

Broadly, the trademark registration process covers the following tasks or activities, irrespective of the interested economic fields or trademark classes:

  • Creation of a unique trademark or service mark or logo
  • Verification of its undebatable uniqueness through nationwide trademark search
  • Filing the application for trademark registration in Form TM-A
  • Answering questions of the concerned trademark examiner/registrar, and satisfying him regarding registrability of the filed trademark/service mark.
  • Quenching any opposition to the registration of the filed mark.
  • Offering well-informed and brilliant prosecution for trademark registration.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration

Apart from the appropriate Form (which is Form TM-A) and the prescribed governmental fees, the other documents required for trademark registration anywhere in India are the following:

  1. A soft copy of the newly-created unique mark in JPEG format
  2. Detailed name, residential/official addresses, and contact number of the applicant company
  3. A brief description in words of the mark being filed
  4. The trademark class or classes under which registration is sought
  5. Some relevant trade-related information about the applicant company
  6. The trademark or service-mark class and the date of first use (by the applicant) of the mark being filed for registration
  7. And, other pieces of information of documents which may be demanded by the concerned trademark examiner/registrar

Trademark Registration Advantages

Registration of one's trademark, brand, or service-mark is not compulsory but optional. However, registration of one's trademark/service-mark offers an array of benefits and advantages to the registered owner of the mark. The following are some main and most significant trademark registration advantages and benefits obtainable by the owner after registering his mark perfectly:

  • Exclusive legal ownership over the registered mark for use in one's business/service in entire India, under the class(es) specified in the registration application.
  • Eligibility to use the symbol ® beside one's registered mark in superscript style.
  • Legal authority over the registered mark as one's an asset of intellectual property. This gives the registered owner of the mark, the right to sell, hire, or franchise the mark in future.
  • The rights to take proper and rigorous actions against misuse of the mark by other people or companies or against trademark infringement cases. This also gives the right to raise trademark oppositions.
  • The registration of a mark in one's native country serves as the basis for registration of the mark in the targeted foreign countries, for the purposes of business expansion.

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Apart from brand registration, our legal and advisory services for trademarks and service-marks include trademark renewals and restorations, trademark opposition, trademark prosecution for diverse aims, trademark watch & monitoring, and trademark infringement litigation. At international levels, our trademark registration services and other services, are provided under the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol of WIPO, and the European Union Trade Mark (EU TM).