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LLP Registration

LLP - Limited liability partnership where every partner joins the business with specific liability. LLP is one of the favorable and mostly chosen forms of company among the developing countries where people with varied income groups form a partnership firm with limited liability as per the agreement norms. Here we bring you with LLP registration services India where our attorneys would guide you what are the legal requisites in order to form a new limited liability partnership in India.

LLP Registration Procedure and Services

The complete procedure for limited liability partnership incorporation and formation is being stated by the concerned authority which includes :
  • Firstly; LLP needs to decide about partners that should be atleast two and can also choose designated partners as per the LLP agreement.
  • Secondly; obtaining digital signature and DPIN number that is director identification numbers that needed by every designated partner in order to form LLP. Under the same phase, all the required form including eForm,1, 2, 3 all are required to have Digital Signature Certificate from government recognized DSA's.
  • Thirdly; get decide LLP name that need to be evaluated under Form 1 as per rule of 18 (5). The name should be mentioned under the specific parameters and shall not get similar to any of the past registered LLPs.
  • The next step is to draft LLP agreement that require to be signed by every partner off proposed LLP. Under the same drafting; the name is to be mentioned, name of every partner, rights and duties of every partner, profit sharing ratio and many more about governing rules of LLP.
  • Next step is to file an incorporation of documents about LLP; where the consent of all the LLP partners need to be mentioned along with desire fees and other require legal forms and documents need to be submitted at the concern authority.
  • After complying with all the rules and regulations the certification of LLP issue that also consists LLP registration number after 14 days of filling a document.