One Person Company Advantages and Benefits of OPC under Companies Act 2013

The greatest advantage of a One Person Company is indeed that you are the only owner of it and have all profits for your own, but there are many more advantages of a one person company in comparison to a proprietorship firm, LLP or Private Limited Company.

Some of the greatest advantages and benefits of one person company under companies act 2013 are as follows:
  1. Limited Liability Protection : Unfortunate events can arise at any moment in a business, and they may ruin your personal savings as well. In case of partnership firms, the personal assets of the partners or shareholders remain at risk in case of any unwanted event. This is not the case with OPC as it protects your personal savings from any risk.
  2. Better Status and Recognition: Everyone desires to own a Private Limited firm because this is the most trusted form of business. Yet, most of the entrepreneurs are not capable of investing in such recognition. An OPC has same recognition and status and thus creates a better brand value in business world at limited risk and cost.
  3. Complete Control to the Owner: In OPC, the director remains the sole owner and never has to share his profits with others. Though, he/she can appoint 15 directors for different roles without sharing the profit.
  4. Good to Start With: If having a Private Limited company is your dream, you should try with an OPC. It will give you a great idea of the functioning of a large scale business with minimized risk. You can get a great notion about the investment, operations and other tasks with keeping your risk low.
  5. Easy to Get Loans: Banks always prefer a company to lend their money, and an OPC gives you the same status. It is easier to get loan for an OPC as compared to a proprietorship firm.
  6. Flexible Tax and More Savings: While being the owner of an OPC, you can also get involved in other activities of the company. You can appoint directors to share their profits, you can receive the rent from other directors, and you can also earn interest by investing in your own company. Taxation is also flexible for OPCs which gives you more savings.
  7. Easy to Manage: Due to lesser activities and hurdles, running an OPC is always easy. Similarly, you are the only person to take decisions which makes processes faster. You do not have to carry out different legal activities as well.
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Posted by Anita Aswal - 15th May 15

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