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Doing Business in India

Indian with ever changing behavior and high corporate needs have made the country with immense opportunities for commerce and trade. Indian traditional, customs and regionalism are some of the factors that have put a great impact over the different businesses. India being as one of the growing economies welcome different foreign companies in order to doing business in India, Since Independence, the nation of India has showed a tremendous upgrading in order to offer exceptional infrastructure and top class of environment to varied companies in India.

The key feature of doing business in India :
  • As per the latest Indian corporate laws and acts; numbers of cells like power exchange, aviation, multi brand and broadcasting and many more have opened for foreign investment in India.
  • As per finance act 2012 effective from 1 July 2012; enlist the types of services that have got exemption from service tax raise the favorability for doing business in India.
  • Under the same finance act 2012; numbers of provisions and amendments have been taken place in respect of Income Tax Act 1961 that already planned to offer a great favor to non-resident companies in India with respect of taxation over the capital gain that proved to be as one of the advantages of doing business in India. Many of the provisions and amendments are still in planning mode where the main aim in to explore the best way to boost the corporate strength of India in order to offer safe and secure business environment.
  • Land allocation under concessionary terms, tax holidays, regional free trading agreements, industry exemptions for specific sectors are some of the segments where one can reap the complete benefits of investment in India offer by central and state governments.

Business Setup Services in India

As with the rise in business sector in India have made the country with numerous forms legal firms that assist the corporate segment in business setup services over here. These services ranging from approval of investment, incorporation / formation / setup of business in respect jurisdiction, getting registration certification from various authorities and lots more in respect of legal corporate status.

Business setup services in India comprised of :
  1. Select the form of investment and get approval from desire authority like central government or / and Reserve Bank of India.
  2. Get DIN number for the members and directors for the selected company and business.
  3. Get digital signature certification in order to file application for registration of company or business in India.
  4. Get submit the mention fees along with legal forms and require documents like VAT document, income tax notes, business establishment documents and other legal certificates that one has already authorized.
  5. After complying with each and every business setup acts; finally apply for certification for the same in order to the business nurturly.
Thus; if you got attracted from the different modes of business opportunities in India and want to run your own enterprise or firm over here or want to investment in any of the business in India then just mail us out at here or call at +91-8800-100-284 where our team of business executives and solicitors will help you in defining the complete scenario.