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Company Registration in India

For fast, flawless, and economical company formation and incorporation in places all across entire India, ours internationally admired law firm is now rather famous and popular by Indian and foreign individuals and companies. Superb and punctilious legal services connected with the company law, business and commercial law, intellectual property law, international business, foreign direct investment, labor and employment law, corporate taxation and insurance, and so on, have been ours highly appreciated services of ours internationally prominent IPR law firm of India, which is located in Delhi. For a long time, we have been extending these expert and reliable services in cities all across India, and other countries worldwide, with inspiring success and high commendations. In this truly informative webpage, we are providing comprehensive and vital information about ours internationally reputed company registration services in India.

So far, almost all hugely popular and highly preferred forms of companies have been formed and established in all around the whole country of India, on behalf of Indian and foreign people and companies, inevitably including the varieties of the private limited companies, public limited companies, limited liability partnership companies, unlimited companies, One person Companies, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and branch offices and project offices of international corporations in India. These types of companies can be set up in any interested economic fields and anywhere in India, for doing businesses at regional, national, or worldwide levels. The section below offers more information about the process of company registration, and our dutiful and expert company registration services.

List of Documents Required for Company Registration in India

The process for registering a public limited company is almost the same as the private (pvt) company registration process. For registration of both these forms of limited companies, immediately concerned is the registrar of companies (ROC) appointed in the targeted State of India, under the Section 396 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013. Along with impeccable services for private limited company registrations, ours public company registration services too, are internationally reputed. For knowing the difference between the private limited company and the public limited company, please visit our other pertinent articles. All tasks and services that exist during the entire company registration process in India, are handled adroitly by ours well-experienced, expert, and internationally renowned company lawyers. The following are the main and most important documents required during the process of company incorporation in India:

  • Complete Personal Details, along with Proof of Identity and Address.
  • Director Identification Numbers (DINs)
  • Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs)
  • Minimum one and Maximum Six Proposed Names of the company, in order of preference (Form INC - 1)
  • Form INC - 7 (For Incorporation of a Company)
  • Form INC - 22 (associated with the address of the company being registered)
  • Form DIR - 12 (related with appointment of Directors)
  • MOA and AOA