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NBFC Registration

Ours one of the hugely reputed and leading law firms of India with international repute, offers perfect and swift services for NBFC registrations in India and abroad, as a significant auxiliary service. In ours this greatly informative and profitable article, we are going to provide exclusive and precious information regarding NBFC registration in India, the NBFC registration criteria and procedure, and our superlative and brisk services for this. In India also, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) have attained high and huge reputation as vital and great complementary to the institutions in the financial and banking sector of India, for providing all-round and lavish support to public borrowers, traders, investors, and industrialists. These companies play an immensely supportive and beneficial role in between the institutions in the banking and financial sector and the public. The most common and main areas covered by the NBFCs are commercial or industrial loans and advances, public deposits, investment funds and chit business, stocks and bonds, leasing, hire-purchasing, insurance business, and a variety of other similar activities. Today, there are three broad and main categories of NBFCs in India --- loan companies, asset finance companies, and investment companies. Various requirements for the non-banking financial company registration (NBFC registration) in India, and the procedure for the same, are described separately in the last section.

NBFC Registration Number

The NBFC registration number is absolutely necessary for doing businesses in the above-mentioned fields by the concerned companies, which is granted by the Reserve bank of India after proper and flawless registration of the companies under NBFC categories. In addition to providing legal security to the concerned company, this NBFC registration number is essential for identification of the company, its full-reliability, and for all tax related calculations. For obtaining the NBFC registration certificate, the applicant company must be dealing with any or more activities in the above-noted areas or fields, and does possess a minimum capital requirement of Rs. 2 Crore, at present. For a company duly registered under the new Indian Companies Act of 2013, and doing business in these areas, the NBFC registration is essential if the total financial flow in its business gets more than 50% of its own asset. The requirements and procedure for acquiring due NBFC registration certificate by any desired company located anywhere in India, are described exclusively in the section below, for lavish convenience to the readers. Here, it may also be mentioned that impeccable

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NBFC Registration Procedure and Services

In India, the NBFCs are registered and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. Our well-seasoned and veteran attorneys provide all necessary services for NBFC registration in India, during the entire registration process. The entire NBFC registration procedure in India encompasses the following broad steps:
  • Formation and Incorporation of the Company: --- The desirous company must be registered under the new Indian Companies Act of 2013, or the earlier companies act of 1956. Our internationally famed company lawyers also offer the complete gamut of services for registering any new company as per the new companies act of 2013, for doing business in any or more of the above-mentioned fields of non-banking financial companies.
  • Minimum Net Owned Capital: --- The minimum amount of net owned capital or fund which must be possessed by the aspirant company for NBFC registration in India, is INR-2 Crore (as raised from April 1999). This paid up equity capital must be the Equity Share Capital, and not the Preference Share Capital.
  • Opening a fresh Bank Account: --- This require minimum amount of paid up equity capital of INR-2 Crore is to be kept in the deposit account of any bank, which must be free from all liens. Generally such funds are maintained in fixed deposit account. At the time of making application for getting registration under NBFC, this essential net owned fund must be present in the deposit account, because while considering the application for requesting the grant of NBFC registration, the RBI does verify such deposits of the company with the concerned bankers.
  • Making Application for NBFC Registration: --- The aspirant company responsibly needs to submit online, the completed application form for NBFC registration, to the Reserve Bank of India, by making access to the RBI's secured website. The applicant company will then get an application reference number. After this, the company requires to submit the hard copy of the filed on-line application, together with the application reference number, in duplicate; along with all demanded documents, to the concerned Regional Office of RBI. The following prescribed documents are to be filed along with the main application form for NBFC registration --- Annexure-I, Annexure-II, and Annexure-III; and contain all information regarding the incorporation of the company, its MoA and AoA, documents related with administration and management of the company, location of the company, well-audited financial accounts of the company, income tax PAN, etc.
  • Granting of Registration Certificate: --- After the application is filed with the concerned regional office of RBI, the application is censoriously examined, and all the forwarded documents are critically verified by the regional office, and then, the application is sent to the central office of RBI, if everything is found complete and satisfying. The central office of RBI then examines and verifies all particulars and documents forwarded to him, and then grants the NBFC registration certificate, if all the conditions described in the Section 45-IA of the RBI Act of 1934, are properly and fully satisfied by the applicant company.

Interested businessmen, firms, and companies of India can readily avail our excellent and expeditious, and of course, economical services for getting NBFC registration certificate, from our internationally reputed full-fledged law firm of India.