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Company Law Services

All those legal services which are connected with corporate law are said to be company law services. There are many services that come under the same like private company services, LLP company services, public company services and many more. Every form of corporate in India is subjected to specific segment of legal services like its registration, protection, taxation, merger and acquisition, accounting and many more. Since independence numbers of amendments and reinforcements have been taken place that revokes the demand of company law services at different stages of a particular business. All types of company law services are being controlled and regulated by New Companies Act, 2013 whereby administered by the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs.

Here, below are the sections of different forms of corporate in India; their relative attributes and features and how we can get registration of different companies in India can easily be familiarized with the help of below sections.

Private Ltd Company Registration

Private Ltd. Company a form of organization which has certain limitations over the other form of corporate in India. Like:
  • Minimum paid up capital at starting should be worth of 1,00,000
  • At starting there should be atleast minimum 2 members and 2 directors in order to register a private limited company in India
  • Maximum members restricted to 200
  • Cannot issue shares to public

There are many points to be concerned under private ltd. Company registration that you can get under:

Public Ltd Company Registration

Public Ltd Company is a form of company that enjoy the certain advantages of being public. This form of company is not so common and not easy to regulate as compare to other form of corporate in India.
  • Can easily raise capital by issue share to public
  • Easy to handle work load by sharing.
  • Centralized system that welcome reviews, ideas and suggestions from outside
  • Easily to grow business with raised funds.

There are many more points that subjected to public ltd company registration in India; to get in detail just click at

Section 8 Company Registration

This segment of corporate is usually registered to enhance the varied sectors of the economy. This is known by section 8 because all the companies those work as charitable purposes are registered under the Section 8 of the New Companies Act, 2013.
  • Areas like arts, science, commerce, religion and other useful charity purposes.
  • Any Surplus will use for main charity purpose will not get divided among the members.
  • Company can be private or public and there is no need to use limited or private limited after company names.

To learn more about the section 8 company registration just follow us at :

Partnership Firm Registration

This is one of the oldest form of corporate structure of India where the two or more partners decide to run same kind of business on an agreed manner.
  • The registration of Partnership firm is controlled and regulated under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.
  • It is mandatory for the all partners to share profit.
  • There is an agreement called by partnership deed as consent by all the partners that depicts the rules and aim of partnership firm.

This is not enough to describe the complete paradigm of partnership firm in India. To know in detail just click at :

LLP Company Registration

LLP - Limited liability partnership firm is one of the highly favorable and successful segments of corporate in India. Under this ;
  • Liability of all the partners are limited.
  • No restrictions over the start-up capital
  • Profit and loss will get share as per agreement among partners.
  • One partner share will not affected by the other partner's misconduct

Besides these, there are many more points that need to be concerned under LLP company registration in India where to get more just look as under

One Person Company (OPC)

One person company is one of the latest forms of corporate in India passed in Lok Sabha in 2012 as per New Companies Act 2013. The main objective behind this form of corporate is to offer a chance to an individual to get contribute in economy development.
  • One person company comprised on one shareholder or member
  • OPC is a private company.
  • One person company start-up capital is 1,00,000
  • Application need to file with MOA / AOA at the time of registration of OPC.

Besides these, there is a complete set of rules and regulation of OPC registration that you can get at the below links :

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Besides the above types of companies in India; there are many more company law services where we are expert in serving with best.
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