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Company Formation in India

As company formation is the very first and most significant task, inseparably connected with starting a business in any cherished economic field, ours full-services and globally famous law firm of India essentially offer the complete gamut of legal and supportive services for company registrations in all across India, and the whole world.

Today, ours thriving and prestigious law firm of India is rather prominent and preferred for services in the:
  • Company and Corporate Laws,
  • Business and Commercial Laws,
  • Intellectual Property Laws,
  • International Trade and Business,
  • And Foreign Direct Investment in all across India.

In ours this highly creative, refined, and hugely beneficial webpage, being offered generously the comprehensive extent of information about our flawless and perfect, brisk, and economical company formation services India, in all across the entire country. This is given separately in the following section, for the greatest possible convenience to ours Indian and global visitors.

Here it is worth mentioning that, formation of company for setting up a business in India, is now highly preferred, richly cherished, and rather popular by companies and investors belonging to various economic fields, and located in countries worldwide.

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Formation of Company for Setting Up a Business in India

Almost all immensely popular and highly preferred varieties of companies have been expeditiously and excellently set up by ours internationally renowned company lawyers in all across India, on behalf of Indian and global clients. Our superb and impeccable company formation services India, are therefore, commended highly worldwide.

Regarding formation of company for setting up a business in India, the following types of companies are rather famous and preferred:
  1. Private Limited Companies
  2. Limited Liability Partnerships
  3. Wholly-owned Subsidiaries
  4. Public Limited Companies
  5. One Person Company
  6. Sole Proprietorships
  7. Branch Offices
  8. Liaison Offices
  9. Unlimited Companies

Our well-informed, expert, and innovative company lawyers deliver the complete range of supporting services, during the entire company formation and registration process, in any desired place of India, for doing a secured, booming, and optimally profitable business in any economic field, at regional, national, or international levels.

For formation and registration for most of these companies, concerned is either the New companies Act, 2013, or the LLP Act of 2008. And, the most relevant governmental bodies are the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the central govt. of India, the Reserve Bank of India, and the office of the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in the targeted State of the country.