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Limited Company Registration

Highly efficient, dutiful, and excellent legal services for the limited company registrations, are the most significant and popular company registration services of ours globally reputed full-service law firm of India, well-established in Delhi. Our first-class and ingenious services for the company law and the intellectual property laws, are immensely famous and appreciated worldwide.

In ours this highly significant and beneficial article, we are exclusively extending all vital information about the limited company registration in all across India, by Indian and foreign individuals and entities. So far, ours expert and veteran company lawyers of international fame, have helped thousands of Indian and global people and companies regarding their private and public company formation and registration in India, for doing business in various economic fields.

The limited companies (ltd companies) can either be the private limited companies or the public limited companies. All steps and procedure for ltd company registration, for these both categories of limited companies, are separately provided in the lower section for visitors' convenience.

Here, it may be informed that the private companies are run and managed privately, and these cannot trade on the stock exchanges or offer their shares to the public, as the public limited companies generally do.

Limited Company Registration Procedure and Steps

For the limited company registration in all across India immediately concerned are the registrars of companies in the related States, and the laws represented by the New Companies Act, 2013 and the LLP Act of 2008.

For flawless formation of a private limited company, there are required at least two members, and two directors. On the other hand, for registration of a public limited company, there are essentially needed seven members at the minimum, and three directors. Again, for the private and public company formation and registration, the minimum paid-up capital demanded is INR-1Lakh and INR-5Lakhs respectively.

The process of registration for both the private and public limited companies is almost the same. The various steps and procedure for ltd company registration in any State of India, and for doing business in any economic field, are as mentioned below:
  1. Seeking governmental consent to the desired names of the company (private, public, section 8 and OPC) and assuring reservation of the same with the ROC concerned, through the Form INC-1 & INC - 7
  2. Preparing DINs and DSCs with support of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) (
  3. Completing and filing Form INC-22 and DIR-12, and other necessary forms
  4. Drafting and submitting the MOA and AOA of the company
  5. Preparing all other documents for administration and management of the company
  6. Receiving the certificate of company incorporation
  7. And, getting the certificate of the commencement of business, in case the company is a public limited one
To avail ours superb and swift limited company registration services in India or abroad, visitors may contact us by means of email ( or telephony (+91-8800-100-284).