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Today, in India start-up culture is flourishing, which is inspiring youths to start their own company. Hence, entrepreneurs in India have to decide what type of company registration to do. Notable thing is that the Indian legal system allows various types of company formation under different types of company registration.

According to the Company Act 2013, companies are classified based on size, basis of the number of members, basis of control, basis of liability, and the basis of access to capital. Different types of companies can be registered in India under Company Act 2013; few of them are below:

Private Limited Company:

Private Limited Company is suitable for small businesses that require registration as a private entity.

Public Limited Company:

Public Limited Company in which shares are purchased by members of general public. For public limited company registration in India, a certificate of registration from the RoC is mandatory before commencing business operations.


In partnership-type companies, business operations are handled by the partners and they agree to share their profit. In partnership-type companies, business registration gives partners additional rights.

Limited Liability Partnership:

The concept of a Limited Liability Partnership in India is new. Such companies enjoy the separate legal status, helping distinguish between personal and business assets, and granting the entrepreneurs limited liability protection.

One Person Company:

One Person Company (OPC) is also a new concept in India. OPCs are great for small businesses and help entrepreneurs to run a business single-handedly. One Person Company registration in India is easy to incorporate and regulate.

Sole Proprietorship:

Here, a single individual handles the entire business operation and he/she is solely responsible for profits and losses.

Section 8 Company (NPO):

Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) come under Section 8 Company; such companies work for charitable purposes. For section 8 company registration, there should be two shareholders and two directors (one director should be Indian). There is no requirement of minimum capital for section 8 company registration; and must have a registered office address in India.

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