What Documents are required for FCRA?

According to Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, a company/association/Non-profit NGO must seek the permission from Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs before receiving any funds from foreign sources. The process of registering an association with FCRA is explained here. Generally, it is a simple process and takes very less time. However, you need some documents prepared before applying for the FCRA registration.

Below is a list of documents that you need in order to apply your organization for FCRA:
  • Form no FC - 8.
  • Copy of Memorandum and Rules & Regulation of your society.
  • Account Audit Copy for last three years.
  • List of Office Bearers
  • Name and Address of the Bank Account
Once you are prepared with these documents, you may proceed towards the next step which is applying for the registration. To do so, your organization must meet several criteria such as:
  • It should be at least three years old.
  • It must not have any parent society registered with FCRA.
  • Majority of board members in your organization should not be in another society which is already registered with FCRA.
  • If you have a parent society, it should not be based in foreign country.
  • No member of the organization should reside abroad.

Applying without fulfilling above mentioned criteria is useless because your application will surely get reject. The Ministry of Home Affairs never grants a registration for organizations not meeting these requirements. Also, you must have and maintain a separate account for your organization to receive funds from foreign sources. You should also maintain the statement about received and used funds. You must quote this number while applying for the registration.

If you follow the steps properly and apply with all required documents, chances are very high that your organization will be registered under FCRA. However, the process is difficult and requires the assistance of a person who is well-versed with all necessary steps. Therefore, it is always a better idea hiring a registration company to do this task on your behalf. Hire Company-Registration.in for your FCRA registration requirements and ensure that your organization gets quickly registered with FCRA.

Posted by Anita Aswal - 7th July 15

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