What is Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Company and How to Start it in India

For extending expeditious and excellent legal services to Indian and foreign people in connection with flawless formation of LLPs in India, our delhi-based full-service law firm, have been quite prominent and popular for past several years. These LLPs have been established for doing secure and profitable business/profession in various economic fields, and in places all across India. Besides being perfect and fully responsible, our services for llp registration in india are also quite reasonably-priced to satisfy our domestic and international clients most. Information regarding how to start llp company in india is being provided hereunder to help interested entrepreneurs, businesspersons, professionals, industrialists, and investors belonging to India and abroad.

First of all, get a brief explanation about what is limited liability partnership company, and what are its exclusive and impressive features? A limited liability partnership (LLP) company is a globally popular form of a business or professional establishment, which avails benefits of limited liability and tax concessions like corporate bodies, and is rather easy to establish and run flexibly.

For registration of llp companies in india, exclusively concerned are the LLP Act of 2008, and the LLP Rules of 2009, and the web-portal www(dot)llp(dot)gov(dot)in - of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Govt. of India. Filings of various Forms like Form-1, Form-3, Form-2, Form-4, and Form-9, are made with this web portal.

LLP Registration in India is Swift and Superb at +91-8800-100-284, contact@company-registration.in

Here it must be noted that for registering an LLP company in India There are required only two designated partners at the minimum, one of whom must be a citizen or resident in India. Moreover, there is no rigorous recommendation for the minimal limit of the total paid-up capital. Our well-experienced and dignified company lawyers offer their expert and dedicated services for llp registrations in india, during the entire registration process.

Posted by Anita Aswal - 23rd April 15

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