What is Central Registration Centre (CRC)? How is it beneficial for the Indian Market?

The establishment of the Central Registration Centre (CRC) by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India, is undoubtedly a very strong and effective measure for expediting the processes of the reservation of proposed name of the company, and incorporation of the desired company. Thus, this CRC seeks to promote smoother and faster company registrations in India, and improve further the 'Ease of Doing Business' in India. This well-drafted and scrupulously written webpage offers answers to questions like "what is central registration centre (crc)? how is it beneficial for the indian market?", and "how to register a company anywhere in India through help of this CRC?"

The CRC has been established as per a notification dated 22nd January 2016 issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The prime objective of this central registration centre is faster disposal of the applications for name availability/reservation of names, submitted through the e-Form INC-1, which is required for setting up a company anywhere in entire India. This CRC can receive online application for reservation of names from places all across India, and claims to process any e-form INC-1 by the end of the very next working day. After reserving any of the proposed company names, the applicant then can contact the relevant office of the ROC, based on the desired location of the head office of the proposed company or its business activities. Otherwise, the applicant may also resort to the MCA21 portal of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for further proceedings towards company incorporation. The section below offers information about the various Forms used for registering a company with the MCA21 portal.

New Company Registration under Central Registration Centre

Under the Central Registration Centre of MCA, the Certificate of Incorporation of the company will be issued by the ROC, Central Registration Centre. Presently, the ROC Delhi, acts as the Registrar for this CRC functioning under MCA. For a new company registration under central registration centre, the various Forms to be used are listed below:
  • Form INC 2: --- This form is exclusively used for incorporation of the One Person Company (OPC).
  • Form INC 7: --- This form is employed for incorporation of a private limited company, or a section-8 company, or a public limited company.
  • Form INC 29: --- This Integrated Company Incorporation form is used for registering a company (except a section-8 company), along with getting approval of name and up to three DINs.
  • Form INC 22: --- This form gives information about the location of the head/registered office of the proposed company.
  • Form DIR 12: --- This form offers information about the appointments of directors and other key managerial professionals of the company.
  • Form URC 1: --- This form is used by the company for seeking registration under section 366.

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