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GST Registration - How to Register GST Online

The GST Act of India, has been brought into force from July 01, 2017. Now, all applicable people and entities are required to get proper registration under this GST within 30 days from its promulgation. This webpage contains concise but very useful information about the online procedure for GST Registration in India, and various documents required for gst registration, to help all concerned people and economic entities doing businesses and services in India.

For gst registration - how to register gst online, all liable entrepreneurs/professionals and economic entities (clarified in section just below) are required to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, an applicant needs to obtain a Provisional ID and Password from the relevant CBEC/State Commercial Tax Department.
  • Then, the applicant requires to login to the GST Common Portal ( ) using the provisional ID and password. For verification, two separate One Time Passwords (OTPs) will be sent to the given Email ID and Contact Number of the applicant. After verification, the applicant will have to create a fresh New User Name and Password, for subsequent uses on the portal.
  • The applicant is then required to fill and submit the Form 20, along with the demanded supporting documents, signed digitally with a class II Digital Signature.An acknowledgement number will be given to the applicant after submission of the Form and necessary documents.
  • The GST Registration Application Form and supporting documents will then be sent to the concerned State/Central authorities for examination and approval, and responding back to the GST Central Processing Centre within 3 working days. In case, when everything is found correct and in order, then the applicant is granted the GSTIN by the Government of India. And in the case of any ambiguity or insufficient documentation, the GST Portal shall demand additional documents or details within 7 working days from the applicant. Lastly, the GSTIN will be provided when all are found perfect and satisfying.

GST Registration Eligibility

All those individuals and economic entities who buy or sell any goods/products, or extend any services, or deal in these both, are compulsorily required to get punctual gst registration, once their respective annual turnover crosses the threshold of Rs. 20 Lakh (Rs. 2 million). For people and entities located in Northeastern States and other Special Category States of India, this minimum turnover threshold has been kept as Rs. One million. Here, it may also be noted that without registration under GST, an entity is not entitled to collect GST from customers/consumers, nor claim any input tax credit of GST paid. Again, people and entities which are engaged in inter-state trades or importing or exporting, are necessitated to obtain GSTIN (Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number), regardless of their annual turnover. To know more about gst registration eligibility and benefits of the GST system, please have a glance over other relevant webpages of this internationally famous law firm of Delhi.

Documents Required for GST Registration

According to the well-formulated GST Rules, all economic entities applying for gst registration, must possess a valid PAN Card. In addition to the valid PAN of the liable individual or entity, the following information and documents are essentially required for GST registration in India:

  • Details (including PAN and ID Proof) and Photograph(s) of Owner/Managing Director(s)/ CEO or Equivalent/ Managing Trustee
  • Documents related with Registration of the Business Concern/Firm, such as the Company Incorporation Certificate (having CIN); or Certificate of Society/Trust Registration; or Trust/Partnership Deed; or PAN of the Promoter/Owner.
  • Location Proof of the business/service entity, including a NOC from the owner of the land/premises where the entity is located.
  • Bank Account Details of the Business/Service entity.
  • A proper Letter of Authorization/A copy of the Resolution of the Managing Committee or the Board of Directors, in support of GST Registration.
  • And, any other documents which may be demanded.
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