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Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and commercial law is the field of legal services in respect of commerce and trade. It comprised of all those acts and rules used to carry smooth business transaction without any illegal hurdle. The ratio of maltreat and infringement acts have been arising with due time where these restricted corporate law services have been played a vital role in maintaining and controlling the varied tasks of corporate sector. In order to move in accordance of legal authorities while reaping the complete legal benefits it is necessary to follow all possible segment of corporate and commercial law.

Under this segment of company-registration; we bring you with the series of business and trade law where one company is restricted to follow in order to run its business successfully.

  • Formation of company of any form of corporate under New Companies Act 2013 in India.
  • Business law services while setting-up as per the legal acts.
  • Preparation of all legal documents including notary while commercial litigation.
  • Assist you in varied corporate tasks including merger and acquisition and liquidation.
  • Best recommendations and suggestions under due diligence.
  • Authentic and credible Regulatory services and approvals

Corporate and Commercial Law Services

Here, there are varied forms of corporate in this world including private company, public company, section 25 company, sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership, one person company and lots more. All these different forms of corporate having different rules stated for formation and incorporation under the esteem regulatory act.

Private Ltd Company Registration :

It is a form of company where minimum 2 and maximum of 200 members need to apply for registration. There must be 2 directors in respect of which it needs apply for DIN and digital signature certificate for the same.

Public Ltd Company Registration:

Under this form of corporate; it is easy to raise funds, to get capital and easy to share work load where shares are open to general public. This form of company is usually followed for high priority projects.

Partnership Firm Registration:

This is one of the most common and familiar form of corporate that need to register under Indian Partnership Act, 1932 where two or more partners join to carry same business as per the partnership deed.

Limited Liability Company ( LLP ):

The main advantage of this form of corporate is liability of each partner is restricted and limited as per the ratio of their investment. This is one of the latest forms of corporate established under LLP act 2008 of India.

Section 8 Company Registration :

The companies that work to enhance the different sectors of the economy including commerce, arts, religion, science and many more where the surplus of company is not supposed to be treated as profit is only make for further charitable purposes.

One person Company (OPC):

Best opportunity for those who do not want to form partnership and also need to incorporate business in India. Yes, one person company where one member can register his or her company in India under Companies Act 2013.

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