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How to Register Patent in India

Since patents are perhaps the most magnificent and immensely invaluable intellectual property of businesses in most of the economic fields, ours globally reputed and innovative IPR law firm of India essentially offers the full breadth of excellent, swift, and responsible legal services for patents pertaining to various economic fields of India and abroad. In ours this refined and glamorous webpage, we are providing exclusive information regarding how to register patents in India, in all across the entire country, and our efficient, economical and expert services for this.

Actually, ours ingenious and impeccable services for patent registration India, have been widely famous and immensely popular and appreciated by Indian and foreign entrepreneurs, companies, industries, and firms, which are highly successful in businesses and professions at national and international levels.

At international and worldwide level, our cutting-edge legal services for patents related to various fields of the sectors of business and commerce, industries, professions, and services, are executed for patent registrations under the :

  • PCT
  • TRIPS Agreement
  • Berne Convention
  • European Patent Convention (EPC)

Here, it may be enlightening to add that, patents are unique and highly efficient inventions related with products and processes in companies and firms engaged in various manufacturing, professional, industrial, and service fields; and thus, form the backbone of businesses and services in diverse economic sectors in any country.

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Patent Application Filing Steps and Procedure

Ours this elaborately written section deals exclusively with the steps and procedure for patent application filing in all across India, to help Indian and foreign companies and firms. Ours decent services for patent registration India are available for both product and process patents associated with all concerned economic fields. While with us no one needs to bother the slightest regarding how to register patents in India in any desired economic field, or in any targeted place of India. All main and significant steps and procedure for patent application filing with any zonal patent office of India, are as follows:

  1. Throughout India, patents are created, registered, regulated, and protected as per the rules and regulations given in the Indian Patents Act of 1970 and amendments made in it so far, and the Patents Rules of 1972.
  2. Ingenious creation of an invention, which is unique, more efficient, cost-effective, and maximally profitable. Ours mellowed and innovative patent lawyers of high repute are expert in this.
  3. Performing thorough, censorious, and scrupulous patent search throughout India, for ensuring that the newly created invention is entirely unique, and thus, readily acceptable to the concerned regional patent office of India.
  4. Preparing meticulously the patent specification and completing the patent registration application; and filing the same with any regional patent office of India, based on the location of the applicant entity.
  5. Then, offering brilliant and expert prosecution for superb and flawless registration of the invention, and tackling any cases of patent opposition by other companies or firms located in India.
  6. Lastly, getting the patent registration number, the validation of which is for a period of twenty years, and can be further extended regularly by patent renewals.

Thus, ours globally famous and galloping law firm is certainly one of the best options for patent registrations in all across India, for doing businesses in any desired economic fields.