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How to Register FCRA

FCRA is basically work for organizations and associations situated for economic and society development of the nation. There are varied sectors including fooding, education, clothes, water and many more that are needed by weaker section or rural areas of the nation. FCRA means Foreign Contribution Regulation Act that works to regulate all the transaction, acceptance and proper utilization of all funds that come in the way of FCRA. For the developing economy this strategy of FCRA has proved somewhere worthy and credential while updating and supporting the weaker sectors of the economy. All the spectrum of FCRA services are being overruled and managed by the Ministry of Home Affairs under the act of Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976. There are the specific rules and a set of instructions that are necessary to be followed regarding how to register FCRA.

How to Register FCRA for NGO

For NGO; FCRA is being registered under the permissible by Ministry of Home Affairs. An application duly filled in the prescribed manner and stated format where one needs to mention and describe all the possible information about the NGO. All the FCRA activities and accounts need to audit by the govern bodies during its registration.

A NGO which is already being into existence while rendering worthy services to the selected areas of the economy from the last three years can apply for FCRA registration through which it can follow the process of foreign contribution regulation act thereafter can receive any of the foreign contribution from any of the foreign source. A certificate or approval for FCRA is only be granted after deep investigation and vetting of all the respective activities of the NGO being under taken by Ministry of Home Affairs. Thus, you can contact us at where you will find the best services in FCRA registration for NGO.