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How to Make Business Registration in India

For any type of a business registration in any place of entire India, ours internationally appreciated and prestigious law firm is now rather prominent. These business establishments in the desired economic fields can promptly, perfectly, and economically be made on behalf of Indian and global clients. Ours this glamorous and very gainful webpage offers detailed material about how to make business registration in India, for doing booming and secure business in any cherished economic field.

Almost all hugely popular and greatly preferred forms of companies and businesses have been expertly and swiftly well-established by ours well-experienced and innovative company lawyers, most of whom command international appreciation. The following categories of companies have been the most prioritized by the majority of ours Indian and international clients in India:

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Private Limited Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Companies
  • Public Limited Companies
  • One Person Company
  • Wholly-owned Subsidiaries of Foreign Companies
  • Liaison Offices
  • Branch Offices
  • Joint Venture Companies
  • Unlimited Companies

Here, it may be benevolently added that our law firm located in Delhi, is a full-service legal organization which has earned ample reputation in countries worldwide, for its superb, brisk, and responsible legal services, especially in the company law, intellectual property laws, business and commercial law, foreign direct investment, international business, corporate restructuring, and many others.

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Steps for Naming and Registering a Business in India

The procedures for registering a business or company differ more or less, depending upon the type of the desired company; however, some processes are almost the same and common in all cases. Here, we are providing information about the process for naming and registering a business in India, in brief, for the following most popular categories.

  • For the private and public limited companies, the approval to the company names and registration of the company, are acquired from the ROC of the concerned State, in accordance with the Indian New Companies Act, 2013. The processes for naming and registering such a company are given in ours other articles. These steps in the case of an unlimited company are similar.
  • And, the process for naming and registration of a business in India under the category of an LLP, is performed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Govt. of India, and its portal (
  • Again, for starting business in India by a foreign corporation, through its Branch Office (BO) or Liaison Office (LO), prior permission from the RBI is pre-requisite; then further processes are carried out with the relevant ROC. For establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary by a foreign entity in India, such permission may not be necessary from RBI or FIPB, depending on the type of business sector.
  • Vital and highly significant information about the formation and registration of these all categories of companies anywhere in India, is provided in ours web-pages which bear pertinent titles.
Interested entrepreneurs, investors, industrialists, and companies, can briskly contact us for business establishment in any place of India, in any cherished economic field.