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How to Register a Company

For registering any type of company, anywhere in entire India (and also in countries worldwide), ours internationally popular and reputed law firm is now quite distinguished. These superb and responsible services for company formation and incorporation are readily and economically available for starting business in any cherished economic field, and doing rather secure and profitable businesses at national and worldwide levels. The lower section of this highly informative and productive web article, offers exclusive information about the complete process of company registration in India, along with the various steps involved in the entire process. Our full-fledged and extensively experienced law firm is located in Delhi, and has many branch offices and affiliate offices in all across India and the whole world, for prompt and the best possible service coverage. Moreover, our well-resourced and one of the leading IPR law firms of India has erudite, well-seasoned, and expert legal professionals, most of whom have rich and varied legal knowledge and service-experience and enviable international repute. With close and lasting rapport and relations with other legal firms of India and abroad, ours law firm delivers swift and impeccable legal services in all major and ancillary areas of the law, for excellent and gratifying service to people, companies, and firms engaged in all various fields of occupation and economy. International businesses of our Indian and global clients are expertly served by ours mature and innovative legal professionals, for making those optimally secured, booming, and profitable. All popular forms of companies are formed and registered with support of us in all across India.

Steps to Register a New Company in India

The most well-known and popular types of companies in India and other nations of the world are the limited companies and the limited liability companies. The limited companies can either be a private limited company or a public limited company or a One Person Company; and the limited liability companies in India are more prominent known as the limited liability partnership companies. Here, it may also be noted that the process of registering a public limited company is approximately the same as the private (pvt) company registration process. In addition to the brisk and masterly services for private limited company registrations and the LLPs, ours innovative law firm is also renowned for efficient and expeditious public company registration services in all across India. The following are the steps involved in the process of company registration as per the New Companies Act, 2013:

  • Selection of the perfect form of a limited company
  • Filing Form INC - 1 for getting approval and reservation to the proposed company names
  • Appointment of the Directors
  • Formation of DINs and DSCs
  • Drafting and Stamping of MOA and AOA of the cherished company
  • Filing of Form INC - 7, Form INC - 22, and Form DIR - 12 with the concerned ROC
  • Prosecuting for punctual and flawless company registration
  • Obtaining the certificate of company registration
  • And in last, acquiring the certificate of the commencement of business.