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Company Name Registration India

Company is a group of persons who agreed to carry a same business under an agreement duly signed by all the partners. Company is a legal entity that originates after complying with each and every aspect of New Companies Act, 2013. This act of company rules and regulations has played a vital role in maintain and controlling the transactions of corporate sector. The process of company name registration is being administered under the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs in India.

There are various channels that need to comply with while registering the company under the New Companies Act 2013 of India like :
  • Minimum & maximum members.
  • Minimum & maximum directors.
  • About shareholders and minimum capital need at start-up of company.
  • Director Identification Number Requirements
  • Digital Signature Certificate Requirements
  • Application and other legal documents requirements

Here in India; there are varied forms of corporate like private company, public company, section 8 companies, one person company and limited liability company. All these different types of companies in India follow different pattern and rules for registration.

Thus, be sure to go through the each and every aspect of company name registration rules that stated for different companies where to know more you can call at +91-8800-100-284 or mail at to get complete services in company law in India.

Company Logo Registration

Logo is a graphical way or symbolic method to represent the company to its target audience. In today's high competitive corporate world this tool of company logo has played a crucial role to grab its target market in an economic manner. Company logo can be of text, wording, phrase, image, sketch or any other form that can easily be represented to corporate world. Company logo and other types of trade symbols and business marks are registered under trademark act 1999 in India.

There are specific rules and regulations that need to follow while apply for company logo registration in India.
  • Select the type or form of company logo.
  • Be sure that the selected logo should be unique
  • File an application along with legal forms and documents that include logo details and owner details and submit to the concern authority.
  • After getting successful approval from all the desire steps finally apply for the certification for the same.
Thus, if you are looking for company logo registration or any of the comply law services in India just click to us where you will find exceptional spectrum of business law in India.