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Corporate Legal Documents

All those documents which are required for the company incorporation, corporate governance and management, corporate regulatory compliances, and profitability and growth of a corporate body (company, firm, organization, etc.), are referred to as the corporate legal documents. Thus, corporate legal documents are inevitable and pivotal documents for recognition, hassle-free business/service, undaunted stability and progress, and the desired growth.

But, here in this web-article, we are going to provide lapidary information about some ancillary corporate legal documents related with corporate governance and management. Our Delhi-based law firm, which has been extending up-to-date and expert legal support and services to Indian and foreign people and entities located in entire India, for over a decade. These services cover the full gamut of necessary services related with company incorporation and corporate governance, business and commercial law, intellectual property laws, labor and employment law, maritime and admiralty law, taxation and insurance laws, cyber law, and supportive services for international business and trade. Hence, our veteran and innovative professional lawyers of international fame deliver proficiently services related with the preparation and registration of the following all ancillary corporate legal documents of a corporate body, located anywhere in entire India.

Partnership Deed

Commonly used by the partnership firms (registered under the Indian Partnerships Act of 1932), the Partnership Deed is a pivotal document for formation, smooth functioning, and dispute-free running of a partnership firm active in any economic field. This written legal document on stamp papers is registrable under the Indian Registration Act of 1908 or the Indian Movable Property Act.

Prudently and scrupulously drafted mainly to establish close understanding and harmony among the partners, and avert any possible disputes or litigation in future, this partnership deed usually contains the following significant elements:

  • The basic and ultimate aims and vision of the firm
  • Personal details of each partner
  • The rights, duties, and liabilities of each partner
  • Solution measures to be resorted to, in case of any future conflicts or disputes among partners in various areas of activities including the winding up of the firm.
  • Guidelines for smooth, efficient, and growth-oriented performance of the partnership firm.

Here, it may be noted that the deed of partnership may contain any issues and matters related with the governance and regulation of the concerned partnership firm, but all such provisions stipulated in the deed must fall within the limits of the Indian Partnerships Act, 1932. The partnership agreement or deed is to be printed on a non-judicial stamp paper with a value of INR 100/- or more. Lastly, duly signed in presence of all partners, the partnership deed is to be possessed by each of the partners of the partnership firm in original, for his/her records.

Direct Selling Agent Agreement

A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) Agreement is a solemnly written legal document which contains all terms and conditions related with the appointment, service, and responsibilities of any DSA to be authorized by a corporate body for selling or distributing its products. The elements stipulated in any such direct selling agent agreement are given below.

In general, the elements dealt with in a DSA agreement are the following

  • Eligibilities, conditions, and procedure of appointment of a DSA
  • Responsibilities and liabilities of the agent
  • Salary and/or commissions payable to the agent
  • Benefits available to the agent
  • Return policy
  • The territorial areas concerned
  • Safety of the intellectual property of the company
  • Termination period of the agreement
  • And, other relevant things.

This dsa agreement is to be printed on a non-judicial stamp paper worth INR 20/- or more. Again, this mutually agreed legal document is to be made in two copies; each original copy will be retained by the employing company and the DSA for their records.

Debt Compromise Deed

A Debt Compromise Deed is a formal written document which contains an agreement between a lender and the concerned borrower regarding the final settlement of the specified original borrowing or debt, along with a mutually agreed compromise on interest or principle payable by the borrower.

This debt compromise deed is usable by lenders like companies, financial companies/institutions, banks, and even individuals. This debt compromise agreement is to be printed on a non-judicial stamp paper worth INR 10/- or more. Made in two duly signed original copies, this debt agreement or deed is to be kept by both the concerned lender and the borrower, for their respective records.

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