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Starting or Setting up Business in India

Doing business in India has been highly preferred by industrialists, companies, professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors of the world over for decades. The various highly striking, impressive, and enticing reasons for this, have been listed in the paragraphs below. For past several years, a considerably large number of companies and firms have been being established in diverse economic sectors of India by the domestic and foreign people and companies. As per a recent survey conducted by the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), India has now become the second most popular and lucrative destination in the whole world for foreign direct investments, after China. In this well-drafted web-article we are offering very informative and beneficial information regarding doing business in India in the desired economic sectors by the Indian and International people, companies, and firms.

The following are the most alluring and captivating factors favoring business set-ups in India:
  • The vast and varied economy of India is presently the eleventh biggest economy in the whole world in terms of the nominal GDP
  • The economy of India has been growing steadily with a growth rate of over 5.5%
  • In respect of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), the Indian economy is the third biggest in the world.
  • The majority of India's economic sectors are fast prospering, some of which are immensely profitable for foreign direct investment (FDI). The most significant among these sectors are information technology and ITES; education; hospitality; real estate; retail; infrastructure; telecommunications; power and energy; business outsourcing; manufacturing; etc. Today, the FDI policies of the Government of India are quite generous, through both the Automatic and Government Routes.
  • India gives home to a huge number of qualified and talented professionals, and experienced and skilled labor, easily available at quite economical remunerations.
  • India is undoubtedly a magnificent and secure center for conducting worldwide business and trade from. Its two national-level Stock Exchanges are counted among the 15 biggest stock exchanges in the entire world (in terms of equity capitalization and trade volumes), and therefore serve efficiently for smooth worldwide capital flows.
  • India's marine trades are well-developed and impressively convenient
  • Constantly increasing immigration to India and international tourism are creditable for making massive India an ever-growing and extensive consumer market for all types of products and services

How Help

Well-established in Delhi, our internationally reputed and popular law firm of India has been helping a large number of Indian and global people and companies in setting up business in India in the desired economic fields, for past many years of success and enrichment. Our well-learned and well-experienced company lawyers and internationally reputed corporate lawyers and other legal professionals have been offering impeccable and swift legal services to them, both for starting Business in India and making their businesses secure and ever-growing. To Indian entrepreneurs, businesspersons, professionals, industrialists, and investors, our well-informed and decent lawyers offer support services for establishing all most popular forms of companies in India [and also in foreign countries], including the private and public limited companies, one person companies, partnership companies, limited liability partnership firms, unlimited companies, section-8 companies, etc. And for service to international people and companies, they help them in setting up branch offices, representative offices, wholly-owned subsidiaries, project offices, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, etc. in India. Today, ours this flawless, responsible, and reasonably-charged services are performed in strict compliance with the rules, provisions, and regulations given in the Indian Companies Act of 2013, and other laws concerned with doing business in India.

Broadly, the following categories of services are rendered proficiently by our well-experienced, mellow, and innovative lawyers:
  • Expert advice for establishment of any above-mentioned types of companies, anywhere in India
  • Suggestion of company names and reservation thereof [Form No.-INC1]
  • Latest information and comprehensive help for preparing PAN, TAN, DIN, and Digital Signatures
  • Meticulous writing of appropriate Articles of Association (AOA) and the Memorandum of Association (MOA) for the selected entity [Form No.-INC 7, DIR 12, INC 22]
  • Punctual e-filing and punctilious processing of all demanded documents and forms on event based compliances.
  • Drafting perfect Power of Attorneys
  • Obtaining approval for Commencement of Business
  • All mandatory Tax-related Registrations, such as TAN, PAN, TDS/TCS, VAT, sales tax registration, and service tax registration.
  • Registrations with Customs/Excise Authorities
  • Obtaining necessary Licenses for manufacturing, distributing and marketing of products, goods, or services in the concerned jurisdictions
  • Services related with the Contracts Law, Labor and Employment Law, Business and Commercial Law, Maritime and Admiralty Law, Business Regulation Laws, and so on.
  • And, services for ISO Certifications, Import-Export Code (IEC), FPO Registration, etc.
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