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What is DSA (Direct Selling Agent) Agreement?

DSA (Direct Selling Agent) Agreement is a solemnly written legal document containing details about the appointment, rights and responsibilities, and all terms and conditions related with the services of a direct selling agent (DSA) authorized by a company, for the purpose of selling or distributing its products/services within the specified jurisdictional areas.

Such as legal agreement between a direct selling company and its authorized agent, has been made mandatory by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt of India, through its latest multi-level marketing (MLM) guidelines issued on September 9, 2016. The lower section provides exclusive information about the procedure for direct selling agent agreement, to help various direct selling companies located in cities all across India. Up-to-date and truly professional lawyers of our internationally famous Law firm of Delhi, also offer efficient services for making of various ancillary documents needed compulsorily by companies, firms, and organizations active in various economic fields in entire India.

Procedure for Direct Selling Agent Agreement

According to the latest multi-level marketing (MLM) guidelines, every Direct Selling Entity must execute a duly written DSA agreement in consistent with the manner stipulated in the Section 10 of the Indian Contract Act of 1872, for the purpose of authorizing a direct selling agent. Broadly, the entire procedure for finalizing a direct selling agent agreement covers the processes of drafting the agreement, receiving consent and signatures of the DSA being authorized by a direct selling company (such as a bank), and legalization/authentication of the mutually agreed DSA agreement.

  • Our well-learned and veteran lawyers offer expert advisory over selecting the format of the desired direct selling agent (DSA) agreement, and also undertake impeccable drafting of the agreement. In general, the following elements are contained in a dsa agreement --- eligibilities and conditions of appointment; rights, responsibilities, and liabilities of the DSA agent; salary, commissions, and benefits available to the agent; promotion and safety of the intellectual properties of the employer company; detailed information about the agent, including the territories covered by his/her working; tenure of the agreement; and other materially relevant things.
  • The DSA Agreement is to be printed on a non-judicial stamp paper with a value of INR 20/- or more. This agreement will be made in two original copies, signed duly by both the company and the DSA agent being authorized/employed, after discussing all material matters.
  • The last stage will be the legalization of the mutually agreed document with the concerned legal authorities. Each party will keep an original copy for records.
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