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How to Register Trademark in India

Trademark is a legal device that used to make your brand familiar to the respective potential market. Trademark can be registered for product or services in order to make your business popular enough. The term trademark derived from the word mark that used to depict a particular type of trade. Thus, trademark should be capable enough means simple, elegant and communicable in order to make distinguish between the similar type of products and services. It should like that can simply be understand and remember by the target audience.

In this today's modern glamorous world; trademark can be represent in the forms of :
  • Wording
  • Text
  • Sound
  • Image
  • Numerical
  • 3D Flash
  • Artistical Sketch

Here, we bring you with how to register trademark in India with complete list of steps and procedures. All the acts and rules of trademark are being controlled by trademark act 1999 and administered under the Registrar Office of Trademark in India located at four places including Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

There are mainly four types of trademark that can be register under the trademark act 1999 of India.
  1. Defensive Trademark
  2. Collective Trademark
  3. Certification Trademark
  4. Genericized Trademark

Trademark Registration Steps and Procedure

Trademark registration steps and procedures constitute of complete trademark registration cycle where one can after complying with all these can apply for certificate of the same. Here, below we bring you with complete process of trademark registration in India.

  1. First, get select the type of trademark you want to launch in respect of your products and services.
  2. Get conduct the trademark search in correspondent to your selective proposed mark.
  3. After verifying the novelty and originality of your proposed mark get file an application for registration to the respective Trademark Registrar Office in India.
  4. After this, do submit the trademark registration fees along with legal documents and forums.
  5. Where the concern authority will keep this proposed application for the specific period of time while verifying against any type of maltreat and copy of already registered trademark.
  6. After verifying the same; the concern authority will issue the certificate of trademark registration to its owner.
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