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Company Incorporation : How to Incorporate a Company in India

For swift, perfect, and economical company incorporation in India, we are hugely and distinguishably famous in entire India and the world over. All most popular forms of companies have been expertly and flawlessly formed and registered by our internationally reputed company lawyers, on behalf of myriad Indian and global individuals and business or professional entities. At present, our full-service and globally prominent law firm of India is most renowned for our legal services concerned with the company and corporate laws, intellectual property laws, corporate restructuring, FDI, business compliances, business and commercial law, and international business.

The procedural steps to incorporate a company in India, are separately described in the section below. All sorts of companies described in the magnificent Indian Companies Act of 1956, and the LLP Act of 2008, have been well-supported by us for impeccable and brisk formation and registration of those, in any part of India. But, here, we are providing vital and exclusive information about the formation and registration of the private and public limited companies, for doing secured and reputed business in any selected economic sector. For detailed information regarding the company formation and registration of other categories of companies, please visit our other articles.

Steps to Incorporate a Company in India

Excellent and meticulous services for brisk and perfect registration of the private and public companies in all across India, are very popular services of our Indian law firm located in Delhi. Here, it may be mentioned briefly that the private limited companies are run and managed privately, and therefore, these companies are not authorized by the government to offer their shares to the public investors or trade on the stock exchanges, as most of the public limited companies essentially and preferably do.

The whole process for company incorporation in India, for both these two categories of famous companies, is as follows:
  1. For incorporation of a private limited company, there are inevitably needed two directors and a minimum paid-up capital of INR-1 Lakh. In the case of a public limited company, these requirements are three directors and INR-5 Lakhs, respectively.
  2. Checking the availability of the selected names of the company, through the Form INC - 1
  3. Filing Form-1 for reservation of the company name and company registration
  4. Making of the DINs and the DSCs with supervisory support of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the Govt. of India (
  5. Flawlessly completing and fling the Form INC - 22 & Form DIR - 12, with the concerned ROC.
  6. For every type of company, the Form DIR - 2 is also additionally submitted by the Director for giving his consent to act as a Director.
  7. Meticulously preparing the MOA and the AOA of the company, and submitting the same to the ROC.
  8. Obtaining the certificate of company incorporation, for the desired form of a company.
  9. And, then, acquiring promptly the certificate of commencement of business.
Thus, for company formation in India, we are certainly one of the best choices. Interested people may avail our services through contacting us via or or +91-8800-100-284.