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Agricultural Company Registration

In respect of agricultural sector and various agricultural goods & products, India finds a magnificent place in global economy. Brief and exclusive information about the agricultural industry in india is provided under the section just below. This webpage is dedicated to offering information about our services for agricultural company registration in entire India, to help the interested people.

Agricultural Company Registration

For activities and businesses in the agricultural sector, the most suitable types of companies could be a :
  1. Private Limited Company,
  2. One Person Company (Opc),
  3. Limited Liability Partnership (Llp) Company,
  4. Producer Company,
  5. Or A Public Limited Company

Any of these companies can readily be established with expert and efficient support of our veteran company lawyers. Again, the service marks, patents, logos, and trademarks of agriculture-based companies may also be registered with help of our proficient and innovative intellectual property lawyers of international fame. In general, the most of the trademarks/service-marks or logos of agricultural companies are registered under the trademark class 31, trademark class 44, and other related or coordinate classes of the Nice classification in India and abroad.

Located in Delhi, our full-service law firm offers the full-range of services to all types of companies active in India, and also for all major categories of intellectual property. Our range of legal and advisory services for companies starts from company incorporation to business management & maintenance, and achieving the desired growth and profitability. Perfection, economy of service charges, high efficiency, our constantly expanding nationwide and international reputation, the best possible satisfaction to clients, and generous policies for regular and loyal clients, are main specialties of our prestigious law firm of Delhi, India.

Agricultural Industry in India and Scope of Work (SOW)

India has a vast, varied, and verdant agricultural sector of global importance. Its numerous agricultural goods & products are exported every year to around 120 countries located all across the world, mainly the developing and the least developed countries of the Middle East, SAARC countries, Southeast Asia, the European Union, and the United States. In 2013, India's agricultural exports earned US$38 billion, making it the seventh largest agricultural exporter in the whole world. Moreover, India has been one of the three top producers of the following agricultural crops in the whole world --- rice, wheat, cotton, pulses, fruits & vegetables, peanuts, etc. India also finds notable places in respect of the arable land area, irrigated crop area, milk production, livestock, etc., in the whole world.

Again, as far as domestic importance of the agricultural sector is concerned, the agricultural sector of India contributes over 15% to the national GDP, employs around 50% of the country's workforce, and earns over 10% of country's earnings from exports. However, though the contribution of the agricultural sector to India's GDP is slowly declining caused by fast developments in many other economic sectors (such as IT, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, etc.), the agriculture in India is still the broadest economic sector demographically, and plays a vital and very significant role in country's socio-economic progress.

How to Register an Agriculture Company in India?

Depending upon specific activities, businesses, or services associated with the broad agricultural sector, an agriculturist or entrepreneur, or a group of agriculturists and horticulturists, can select a most suitable company. For incorporating a producer company anywhere in India, there are needed a minimum of five directors and ten members/shareholders. The procedure for incorporating a producer company is the same as that for other types of companies. Paragraphs below, give exclusive information about "how to register an agriculture company in india?", to help the interested or concerned people or investors. Our company lawyers and intellectual property lawyers perform all tasks related with an agricultural company registration and establishment of the activities of such as company in India.

In general, the following are the main and most significant tasks and processes for incorporation and business-establishment of an agricultural company in India structured in any of the forms mentioned above:

  • Obtaining DSCs and DINs/DPINs for the directors/designated partners [Form DIR-3]
  • Applying for name approval and reservation [Form-1 (for LLP) or Form INC-1]
  • Preparing all documents required for registration, such as MOA & AOA/LLP Agreement, Consent Letters, Affidavits, Powers of Attorneys, etc.
  • Filing application for registration of the desired type of company [through Form INC-2/INC-7/Form-2 (in case of LLP)]
  • Filing all other forms with the concerned ROC.
  • Making PAN, TAN, GSTIN, Bank Account, Import-Export Code, etc., for the agriculture company
  • Getting necessary approvals and licenses from diverse regulatory or Governmental authorities
  • Registering the trademarks and patents for the agriculture company
  • Drafting flawlessly all legal and commercial documents, such as contracts or agreements related with marketing & sales, franchising, commercial dealings and transactions, etc.
  • Mandatory compliances with various regulatory authorities
  • And, many other tasks and activities associated with business management and corporate governance.

How to Contact for Agricultural Company Registration or Incorporation ?

Any interested agriculturists, investors, or farmers may promptly harness our expert and efficient legal and advisory services for registering an agricultural company anywhere in India, just call/WhatsApp at: +91-88001-00284; or sending their queries or request for service at:

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