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Software or Information Technology (IT) Company Registration

The Information Technology (IT) sector of India is one of the major, fastest progressing, and very significant economic sectors of the country in respect of its contribution to national GDP, export revenues, employment generation, etc. Hence, our prestigious law firm of India does offer impeccable services for software or IT company registration in entire India.

Software Company Registration

The sections below, offer exclusive information separately about the present status of the software and IT industry in india and scope of work (SOW), and the procedure for registering a software or IT company anywhere in India. Such as company may also be registered as a STPI unit. The STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) category of business establishments are granted a variety of Governmental boosts and benefits related with taxes, export duties, etc.

Well-based in Delhi and famous nationwide and internationally for its rich gamut of services for all companies and all major categories of intellectual property, our well-resourced law firm also extends services for registration of the trademarks and logos of the IT companies in India and abroad. Almost all trademarks and logos related with this software and IT sector are registered under the Class 42 of the Nice classification. Our well-informed and veteran trademark lawyers undertake all tasks related with registration of these trademarks in India and/or abroad.

Software and IT Industry in India and Scope of Work (SOW)

The software and IT industry in india is one of the most significant economic sectors of the country, which at present contributes around 10% to the national GDP, earns massive export revenues (around US$100 billion in 2017), and is growing fast steadily with an annual growth rate of over 12%. The domestic market and revenues have also been vast and constantly growing. In global arena, India is the second-largest exporter of IT services and products/software, and its exports (merchandise plus services) constitute over 75% of the industry's total revenues. According to NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), the Indian IT sector is expected to grow further at the rate of 12-15% and reach the level of US$ 350 billion of annual revenue by the year 2025. The STPI scheme of India will be very favorable for achieving this milestone of growth.

Broadly, the IT sector of India may be categorized into the following two categories --- services and consultancies, and software & product development. These both categories of activities may be carried out by a STPI unit. The STPI units are essentially established as export-oriented units, but these can business in the domestic market up to 50% of their total exports. At present, the top five IT services providers in India are Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, and HCL Technologies. Again, the majority of IT and software companies (both owned and run by Indian and foreign people and companies) are located in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Gurugram, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, and Delhi.

How to Register a Software or IT Company in India?

A software or IT company may broadly be categorized into the following two categories - service or consultancy based; and product or development based. With our well-informed legal support, both these categories of software companies can readily be registered anywhere in entire India. The STPI units may also be registered with our expert help.

The paragraphs below, give exclusive information regarding how to register a software or IT company in india, which could be engaged in providing services or developing products. Again, for engagement in the IT sector, the most suitable and popular types of companies in India are the LLPs, Private Limited Companies, STPI, and the Public Limited Companies. For registration and establishment of any of these companies in India, our veteran and innovative company lawyers and trademark lawyers provide the following range of advisory and legal services to the Indian or foreign people/companies:

  • Selecting the appropriate type of software company based on one's activities and vision
  • Deciding the location of the company, based on certain advantages
  • Obtaining DSCs and DINs for the Directors/CEOs
  • Getting approval to and reservation of the name of the software company
  • Drafting all necessary documents, such as MOA & AOA/LLP Agreement, affidavits, consent letters, powers of attorney, etc.
  • Filing the application for company registration, together with all demanded incorporation documents
  • Drafting of all needed documents, contracts, and agreements
  • Registration under GSTN and Export Authorities
  • Obtaining STPI License, if required
  • Registration of trademark or logo of the software company
  • Any patent registration or copyright registration
  • Representation before Governmental authorities
  • And, making regulatory compliances under various authorities and laws concerned.

How to Contact for Software Company Registration in India?

Any interested Indian or foreign industrialist or investor may swiftly harness our expert and efficient legal and advisory services for registering a software or IT company anywhere in India, just through pinging over: +91-88001-00284; or sending relevant queries or request for service at:

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