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Entertainment Company Registration in India

The Entertainment Industry of India, which is a vital and very significant segment of the overall Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry of the country, is undoubtedly hugely lucrative, owing to its expected bumper growth prospects and returns in near future. More info over this industry is given under section below. This article is related with our services for an entertainment company registration in india, and establishment of its business/service.

Entertainment Company Registration

For a secure and progressive engagement in the entertainment industry of india (comprising mainly of films and television), the very suitable type of a company could be a private limited company, a limited liability partnership (LLP) company, or a public limited company. These entertainment companies of india may be engaged in film production, distribution of films, setting up any television channel, production of television programs and soaps, and various other activities associated with the films and television industries.

Our well-established, well-resourced, and highly prestigious law firm of Delhi extends the full-gamut of legal and supportive services to companies in all economic sectors of India. These services range from company incorporation and business management to the desired corporate growth and preservation of its intellectual assets. Hence, in addition to company formation for engagement in the Indian entertainment industry, we can also adroitly help people in registering and protecting their intellectual property assets through copyright, trademark/service-mark, or logo registrations in India. Today, our law firm is very popular and renowned for online new company registration and the brand or trademark registration under all 45 classes of the Nice classification.

Entertainment Industry in India and Scope of Work (SOW)

The Entertainment Industry is a major part of the bigger Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry of any country. The most significant broad segments of this M&E industry are the following

  • Films,
  • Television,
  • and Print Media;

other smaller segments are radio, advertising (television, internet, OOH, and others), music, animation, gaming and VFX, etc.

In this article, we are exclusively concerned with the segments of films and television, which form the bulk of the entertainment industry. The Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry of India has been one of the highly significant and fastest growing industries of its economy, which grew at a CAGR of over 18.5% during 2011-2017. The size of this Indian M&E industry is hopefully expected to grow with a CAGR of around 14% and reach the level of about US$38 billion by the year 2021, from around US$23 billion in 2017. This growth rate is much faster than the global average rate.

As far as only the Entertainment Industry of India is concerned, it has been making high growth strides in last two decades, and now it is expected to reach the level of around US$62 billion by the year 2025; the average rate of growth of the entertainment industry in india being over 12%. As films are the most significant entertainer in India, the Indian Films Industry has regularly been growing and progressing fast, and ranks among the largest in the world in respect of films produced (over 1000) every year in different regional languages. The films industry of India, which is governed and promoted by the Film Federation of India, is projected to grow with a rate of around 10.5% during 2016-2021, as compared to the global average of about 4.5%. Bollywood accounts for over 45% of the national revenues from films in India. On the other hand, India is at present the second largest television market in the world, and one of the largest DTH markets in the world over. The revenue share of the television segment of India was expected to grow from around 44% in 2016 to over 48% by the year 2021. During this period (2016-2021), the expected CAGR of India's television industry has been reckoned to be around 15%.

The Government of India has been supporting fast and steady growth of the media and entertainment industry of India through taking regular initiatives and fillips from time to time. These boosting measures include the following --- raising the FDI limit up to 100% from 74% in the Cable and DTH satellite platforms; digitizing and organizing the Cable Distribution sector; and granting an industry status to the films industry of India, improving its accessibility to institutional financing.

How to Register an Entertainment Company in India?

Depending upon your specific activities or preferences, you may set up any of the companies mentioned in the uppermost section. Exclusive information about how to register an entertainment company in india is being provided below. In addition, our other services for business establishment, business maintenance and growth of an entertainment company are also stipulated, to help the concerned people or companies.

  1. Obtaining DSCs and DINs/DPINs for the Directors/Designated Partners [Form DIR-3]
  2. Getting approval and reservation of the proposed company name [Form INC-1 or Form-1 (for LLP)]
  3. Preparation of appropriate MOA & AOA or LLP Agreement, Consent Letters, Affidavits, Powers of Attorneys, etc.
  4. Filing application for company incorporation [through Form INC-7 or Form-2 (for LLP)]
  5. Filing other forms and documents with the concerned ROC
  6. Making of PAN, TAN, GSTIN, Bank Account, etc., for the company
  7. Obtaining necessary permissions and licenses from the concerned Governmental authorities
  8. Registration and protection of intellectual assets through copyright, trademark, service-mark, or logo registrations.
  9. Drafting various contracts or agreements related with commercial dealings & transactions, various core activities of the company, leasing/hiring of materials or machinery, financing, distribution, franchising, marketing, etc., of the company
  10. All statutory compliances by the entertainment company with ROC and other regulatory authorities
  11. Strategies for commercial growth and expansion
  12. Processing and compliances concerned with various legal Acts and Statutes, such as Labor and Employment Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Commercial Laws, International Business, ESI and PF Regulations, Environmental Laws, etc.

How Can I contact for Registering Entertainment Company in India?

Interested people or investors may readily harness our expert and efficient legal and supportive services for registering the desired types of entertainment companies in India, and establishing business/service of the same, just through calling over: +91-88001-00284; or sending their pertinent queries or requests at:

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