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Biotechnology Company Registration

The Biotechnology industry in India is one of the sunrise sectors of its economy, with a high growth rate as much as around 30% annual, particularly in the segments of Bio-Pharma, Bio-Services, and Bio-Agri. Currently accounting for just 2% of the global biotech industry, the Indian biotechnology sector is potent enough to become a major global player, and one of the top ten biotech destinations in the whole world in near future. This webpage offers precious and very beneficial information about doing business in the biotechnology sector of India, the current status of the biotechnology industry in india, and our expert legal services for starting and expanding businesses/services in this fast-paced Indian sector.

Biotechnology Company Registration

Besides the biotechnology company registration in india, interested professionals, entrepreneurs, or investors may also avail our full-range of supportive services for establishing and enjoying booming businesses/services in this fast thriving biotechnology sector of India. Based in Delhi, our law firm has been an internationally prominent for registration of companies, and for other supportive and advisory services for the corporate world in India. Our prompt and perfect online company registration services are economically available for all most popular types of companies, and our intellectual property services are receivable for all major categories of it, essentially including the brand name and logo registrations pertaining to various economic fields. For past many years, our services for company formation and registration in various sectors as well as service-mark and trademark registration under almost all 45 classes of the Nice classification, have been hugely famous in entire India.

Biotechnology Industry in India and Scope of Work (SOW)

Contributing about only 2% to the global biotechnology industry, India is the second most popular destination in Asia in the biotechnology sector (after China), and ranks among the top 12 biotech destinations in the whole world. In recent years, the worth of Indian biotech sector has continuously been increasing from about US$7 billion in FY15 to around US$11.5 billion in 2017. The Government of India has been taking many initiatives to grow this biotech industry in value to the level of US$100 billion by the year 2025, apart from allowing 100% FDI through the automatic route in biotech sector. The factors driving fast growth in the Indian biotech sector in coming years, are stipulated separately in paragraphs below.

Biotechnology is a very rich, innovative, and dynamic field which derives its materials and facts from the sciences of Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Pharmacology, Cytology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, etc., and holds the great potential to impact miraculously on the sectors of Agriculture, Medicine, and Environment. In 1986, Government of India had established the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) under the Ministry of Science & Technology, to boost and promote the Indian biotech sector. Today, there are over 800 small and big biotech companies in entire India, located mainly in the cities of Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Delhi. At present, the major and leading biotechnology companies of india are the following --- Biocon and Serum Institute of India (in Biopharma segment), Panacea Biotec, Nicholas Piramal, GlaxoSmithKline, Bharat Serum, Zydus Cadila, etc. Again, the biotechnology sector can broadly be divided into the segments of Bio-pharma, Bio-Agri (or Agri-biotech), Bio-industrial, Bio-services, and Bio-informatics (or Bioinformatics). At present, the most developed segment of the biotechnology sector of India is bio-pharma or biopharmaceuticals. By revenue, the biopharmaceuticals segment accounted for 64% of the Indian biotechnology industry in the FY16, followed by bio-services (18%) and bio-agri (14%). And, hence, the majority of companies in Indian biotech industry relate to the biopharma segment.

The galloping growth in the Indian biotechnology sector will be boosted and enhanced by the following main drivers and factors in coming years --- rising economic prosperity, increasing health consciousness, billion-plus population base, growing and refining domestic and international demands, availability of intensive R&D facilities, strong governmental support and initiatives, easy and cheaper availability of technocrats and skilled manpower, overall cost-effectiveness, and emerging new requirements in various economic sectors. As far as fillips and promotions from Indian Government are concerned, the following are noteworthy --- massive support for developing human capital and R&D infrastructure (in Union Budget 2017-18, DBT received over US$300 million), permitting 100% FDI through automatic route for manufacturing drugs and pharmaceuticals, and many other strategies and initiatives for raising the value of the industry to US$100 billion by the year 2025. Thus, in coming years and near future, India can become a globally-alluring and lucrative destination in the biotechnology sector, particularly in the areas of vaccines and recombinant therapeutics, transgenic rice, Genetically Modified (GM) vegetables, industrial enzymes, bio-markers and companion diagnostics, contract researches, clinical trials, and so on.

How to Register a Biotechnology Company in India?

In the biotechnology sector of India, the bulk fraction of companies fall under the categories of the private limited companies, small to medium-scale enterprises (SMEs), and the public limited companies. All these types of companies are registrable with efficient and expert support of our well-informed and veteran company lawyers. Provided below is info regarding how to register a biotechnology company in india, which may fall under any of these three categories. Here, it may be noted that MSMEs enjoy a variety of exemptions and benefits from the State and Central Governments.

A Small Enterprise in India is that which has invested between Rs. 25 Lakh - 5 Crore (in Manufacturing sector) in the plant and machinery, or between Rs. 10 Lakh - 2 Crore (in Service sector) in its plant and machinery. On the other hand, a Medium Enterprise is that which has invested in its plant and machinery a capital between Rs. 5 Crore - 10 Crore (in Manufacturing sector), or between Rs. 2 Crore - 5 Crore (in Service sector). The registration of SMEs is made under the District Industries Centre (DIC) or the Directorate/Commissioner of Industries of the relevant district/State.

Provided below is the biotechnology company registration process, in cases of the private or public limited company, along with our other supportive services for business establishment and growth of such companies in India:

  1. Acquiring DSCs and DINs for the Directors [through Form DIR-3]
  2. Checking availability of the proposed company name, and reserving the same (Form INC-1)
  3. Preparing meticulously documents like MOA & AOA of the company, Consent Letters, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, etc.
  4. Filing the application for company incorporation (Form INC-7), along with submitting other necessary documents to the ROC concerned
  5. Obtaining TAN, PAN, GSTIN, Bank Account, Import-Export Code (IEC) of the biotech company
  6. Acquiring necessary permissions or licenses from diverse regulatory bodies
  7. Setting up a suitable workplace/office and working infrastructure as per one's capabilities and aims
  8. Legal services for registration and protection of brands, logos, trademarks, service-marks, patents, etc., of the biotechnology companies
  9. Preparing agreements or contracts associated with business/services and dealings/transactions of biotech company, its financing or franchising, etc.
  10. The annual and periodic compliances by the company with ROC and other regulatory authorities
  11. Strategies for smooth growth and desired profitability of the biotechnology company
  12. And, various relevant tasks and compliances under different legal Acts and Statutes, such as the Shops and Establishment Act of the concerned State, Labor and Employment Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Business Laws, Income Tax Act and GSTN, ESI and PF Regulations, International Business, IT Act, etc.

How to Contact for Registering a Biotechnology Company in India ?

Ambitious or innovative Biotechnology professionals or entrepreneurs, may briskly and freely avail our excellent and cost-effective legal and advisory services for establishing a Biotech company (of the desired type) anywhere in India, and also for making their business/services smooth and lucrative, just through ringing at: +91-88001-00284; or sending their earnest queries or request for service at:

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