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Aluminium Company Registration

The aluminum sector of India is one of the most significant sectors associated with metallurgy, and offers rather bright and affluent prospects for growth and profitability. This webpage contains relevant info about the aluminum company registration in india, the current status of the aluminum industry in india, and our expert legal services for business establishment and growth in this sector in India.

Aluminium Company Registration

Based in Delhi, our full-service and highly prestigious law firm has been internationally famous for its full-range of legal and supportive services to diverse entities in the Indian corporate world, for around a decade. Besides the company incorporation services for all types of companies, all other necessary services are offered by our veteran and updated lawyers to companies for business management, legal security, and desired growth. The intellectual property rights form an essential part of these services. Hence, apart from company formation and registration in the aluminum sector of India, the interested entrepreneur may also avail our expert and economical service for the brand name and logo registration for his company. In general, the trademark registrations related with the aluminum industry are made under the Class 6 and other relevant classes of the Nice Classification. Today, our brisk and secure services for the online company registration and registration of trademarks and service-marks are hugely popular in India.

For business establishment in the aluminum sector of India, the most suitable types of companies could be the small to medium enterprises, private limited company, or the public limited company. The last section on this webpage contains exclusive information about how to register an aluminum company in india, to help the concerned people and entities of India or abroad.

Aluminum Industry in India and Scope of Work (SOW)

The regularly thriving Aluminum Industry of India is the second most significant metallurgical industry of the country. Today, India is the fourth largest producer of primary aluminum in the world, contributing around 3% to the overall global production.In 2016, the global aluminum consumption registered a growth of about 5% to reach the level of around 60 MT, over the year 2015. The domestic consumption of aluminum in India is hopefully expected to grow at 6-8% every year in near future (say in next five years), considering the low per capita aluminum consumption in the country, which is far below the global average.Also, aluminum production in India has regularly been growing every year; in the financial year 2016-17, it registered a growth of 17%, as compared to 19% in the preceding financial year.

Through augmenting its aluminum production capacities and using the new technologies, today India aspires to carve a significant niche in the global aluminum market, along with meeting the constantly growing domestic demands. India has been exporting the surplus stock of aluminum to numerous countries worldwide, notable among these are South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, the U.S., Taiwan, Spain, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Brazil, and the Netherlands.The Indian aluminum sector is dominated mainly by large integrated aluminum producing companies like NALCO (The National Aluminum Company Ltd, Koraput) and HINDALCO (The Hindustan Aluminum Corporation Ltd., Renukoot), and other public sector and private aluminum companies. Other major aluminum companies of india are the following --- BALCO, Korba; INDAL, Hirakud; MALCO, Mettur; etc.

For establishment of an efficient and profitable aluminum company, the most important and vital requirements are easy and economical availability of the needed raw materials (predominantly Bauxite), ample and uninterrupted supply of electricity at low costs, and cheap availability of manpower. These factors are therefore, also decisive in selecting the location of the aluminum company. As far as India is concerned, these factors are quite favorable to it - India has the world's fifth largest reserve of bauxite, easy and cheaper availability of technocrats and skilled & unskilled labor, and the soft option of using the captive power plants in addition to the usual power supply at governmental charges. Here, it may just be noted that, the production process of primary aluminum involves broadly the following main stages --- mining of bauxite, refining of bauxite to alumina, and lastly, smelting of alumina to aluminum. Hence, the capital costs are also high for setting up an aluminum company.

Lastly, the most important factors or growth drivers to regularly growing domestic demands of aluminum in India are the following in near future --- the per capital aluminum consumption in India is quite low, which is most likely to grow in future, though gradually; aluminum has become very famous as an elegant and economical substitute of steel, copper, zinc, and leads in many industries; increasing uses of aluminum in the sectors of building & construction, transportation (particularly, metros and high-speed railway coaches), electricals & electronics, packaging& cans, defense, automobiles, rapid urbanization,solar reflectors, various consumer durables, power transmission, air-conditioners, furniture items, etc.

How to Start or Register an Aluminum Company in India?

For registering any SMEs (demanding less than ten crores in plants and machinery in the manufacturing activities), concerned are the District Industries Centre or the Directorate/Commissioner of Industries of the relevant District or State. Small and medium scale enterprises avail a variety of governmental supports and subsidies. Our well-informed and veteran company lawyers will be supporting entrepreneurs comprehensively, in this connection.

In general, the following are our other supporting services for smooth and booming businesses of aluminum companies in india, apart from the tasks involved in the entire procedure for the company registration (private or public limited):

  • Obtaining the DSCs and DINs for the Directors [Form DIR-3]
  • Reservation to the proposed company name [Form INC-1]
  • Preparation of apt MOA & AOA, Consent Letters, Affidavits, Powers of Attorneys, etc.
  • Application filing for company registration[through Form INC-7]
  • Submitting other necessary forms and documents to the concerned ROC
  • Making the PAN, TAN, GSTIN, Bank Account, Export-Import Code (IEC), etc., for the aluminum company
  • Acquiring necessary permissions and licenses from the concerned Governmental authorities
  • Establishing manufacturing or production infrastructure
  • Expert and innovative legal services for registration and protection of the brands, logos, trademarks, service-marks, patents, or designs, of the aluminum companies.
  • Drafting flawlessly various contracts or agreements related with manufacturing processes, commercial dealings & transactions, various core activities of the aluminum company, leasing/hiring of equipment and machinery, financing, franchising, distribution and marketing of finished products, etc., of the company
  • All mandatory annual and periodic compliances by the aluminum company with ROC and other regulatory authorities
  • Innovative strategies for business growth and greater profitability.
  • Services related with FDI Policy of India, and rules & regulations of FEMA, RBI, etc.
  • Services under SEBI, related with its various provisions and regulations, applicable especially for the listed aluminum companies.
  • Processes and compliances relating to various other legal Acts and Statutes, such as Labor and Employment Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Commercial Laws, Income Tax Act and GSTN, Maritime and Admiralty Laws, ESI and PF Regulations, Environmental Laws, International Business, etc.

How to Contact For Aluminium Company Registration in India?

Ambitious entrepreneursor industrialists may briskly avail our brilliant and cost-effective legal and advisory services for setting up an aluminum company of the selected type in India, and also for rendering their businesses secure andlucrative, just through calling over: +91-88001-00284 ; or sending their questions or problems at:

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