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NBFC Requirements

A non-banking financial company is a form of corporate that serves the society with all types of finance services without complying the banking laws. Means NBFC does not need a banking license or does not need to meet the acts and laws of banking while operating their businesses. The company of NBFC is being registered under the corporate act 1956 in India. There is no doubt that how worth NBFC has in this world that has raised the NBFC requirements not only in developed economies but also in developing sectors of the world.

Services offered by NBFC :
  • NBFC offers all types of banking services including credit facilities, trading in money market like shares, stocks, equities, securities, debentures, bonds issue by local authorities or government bodies; offer private education funding, offer loans for varied purposes, retirement planning and many more.
  • NBFC carries all those services that need managing portfolios of equities, debentures, bonds, stocks and shares under wealth management system and also offer worthy suggestions and recommendations over the several corporate legal aspects such as taxation, merger and acquisition, auditing and lots more.
  • Offer services in respect of market analyzing, corporate competition reading and prepare feasibility while assisting the different companies with funds and loans. Most of the NBFC is majorly participate in investment in property.
  • Numbers of industrial segments, venture capital companies and retail segments have turned out as amongst of well known and reputed non-banking financial companies while serving to respective theme of industry.

Documents Require for NBFC Registration

For NBFC it is require to comply with every point and need to submit all the require documents to the RBI.
  1. 200 Lakh as minimum NOF requirements and application for NBFC registration is needed to submit in to separate sets.
  2. Annex II and Annex III duly signed and filled by director and need to certify by the statutory auditors and submit to the concern authority.
  3. If in case directors are associated with other companies or business then need to defile the complete details about the same.
  4. Board resolution that respective NBFC does not carry or not accept any of the public deposit and if in case in future it needs then RBI approval is must.
  5. Auditors certificate is also one of the important documents require for the NBFC registration where it needs to certify that NBFC will not accept or hold any of the public deposit.
  6. Need to declare about the net owned fund as on date of submitting an application.
  7. A document in the form of certifying compliance that defines the directors interest in eth respective NBFC need to submit to the concern authority under section 45S of Chapter IIIC of the RBI Act, 1934.
  8. MOA / AOA along with Audited balance sheet since from the last three years. If there is any change in the management in the last financial year that also need to define under the same.
  9. Details of merger or acquisition if taken place along with the details of associated concern, group companies, holding companies and subsidiaries.
  10. Infusion of capital if taken place in last financial year then the details is also needed to submit along with copy of return of allotment filed with Registrar of Companies.
  11. A brief documentary about the company's activities since last three years that's very important from NBFc registration point of view.
  12. Document of ECD certification in respect of NRI deposit section.
As with due time; numbers of provisions and amendments have been taken place for which you can call at +91-8800-100-284 or mail at contact@company-registration.in in order to get the complete information about documents NBFC and its related aspects.