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Transfer Pricing

The global trades are becoming increasingly important in the current business transactions within multinational companies. Transactions between related parties are influenced by Indian corporate law, which have recently been significantly strengthened. For tax purposes, is considered compliance with the arm's length rule, which recently subject to frequent checks of financial authorities. Due to incorrect setting of transfer prices is the additional tax and penalties. In the case of companies that received investment incentives, incorrect treatment of transfer prices also cause the loss of these incentives. Thus, transfer pricing policies have played a vital role in handling the regularities of investment incentives.

Professional team of tax consultants in company-registration, which specializes in India business law system and international taxation system and has many years of expertise in various sectors of industry, offers you the risk analysis and comparative studies to determine the price of goods and services in accordance with the arm's length rule. We will help you develop strategies and procedures for transfer pricing and provide documentation in accordance with the legal guidelines.

  • We evaluate your current strategy for transfer pricing and identify potential risks.
  • As per your need of the business or company will revise and modify or suggest a new strategy for transfer pricing.
  • According to the Law on Income Tax is a tax authority can request a binding ruling on transfer pricing.
  • Assistance in the preparation and submission of such application of all necessary documentation.
  • We provide all documentation, in connection with the transfer prices. This documentation is a key indication that your strategy fully complies with all regulations. Subsequently, we will provide full support in all dealings with the tax authorities.
  • We will represent your company in dealings with the tax office, or assistance in preparing documentation for court proceedings.