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Company Registration Office in India

Company registration office the place where all the applications related to company registration has been resolved. All the matters or issues related to company incorporation or business formation have been undertaken by the company registration office in India. As we all know the importance of company registration to all types of corporate houses whether small, middle or big enterprises it is essential to get registration to your corporate house before launching in the market. The process of company registration not only saves your business tasks but also makes you credential and prominent in order to face the corporate competition efficiently.

The working of company registration office in India is controlled under the New Companies Act 2013 where the same administered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. All registrar offices across the nation need to file all the applications related to the MCA where it is being processed and revert back to the respective Registrar of office in different states of India. If you want to register company in Delhi then it requires to submit all the company related legal documents to the ROC of Delhi whereby all the same documents then pass to MCA. If you are in Mumbai then you need to contact company registration office in Mumbai from where all the documents then pass to Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Similarly, companies in Kolkata need to approach to company registration office in Kolkata in order to resolve any of the company law issues.

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The registrar office of company is vary from one state to another but all India registrar office is same i.e Ministry Of Corporate Affairs where all the applications from different ROCs have been processed. Below are the points about the roles of state wise ROC and main MCA.
  1. First, need to get DIN number while submitting application main Ministry Of Corporate Affairs.
  2. Then file an application with digital signature certificate to the same MCA.
  3. After this, directors and partners need to file application to respective ROC where the head office of the company is being situated.
  4. After getting approval; then there is a need to file an application for company incorporation to the same Registrar office of Company.
All the applications then get stamp duty in the same ROC and transfer to the main office of MCA where it gets verified. After verification about particular company the same documents along with the certificate of company incorporation revert back to same ROC from where it then passes to respective applicants.