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Legal and Taxation Services

We offer a full general representation before tax authorities as a tax advisor. We provide tax consulting, tax optimization suggestions and comprehensive tax advice to order according to the individual needs of the client. We also assist you to choose the payment of taxes in the Indian corporate taxation sector and how to avoid double taxation in connection to varied business conditions. With us you get the below segments under the cell of legal and taxation services where we assure :

  • Lower costs
  • Greater certainty
  • Guarantee the correctness of
  • Multilingual and electronic form
  • Without any risks of misleading or inaccuracy or any loss.
  1. Corporate Income Individuals
    • calculation of income tax
    • calculation of advances on income tax
    • tax return of income for the type A - employees
    • tax return of income for the type B - tradesmen and activities
    • tax return for income tax
    • tax return for nonprofit organizations and civic associations
    • warning of the risk areas
    • proposing tax optimization
  2. VAT
    • Preparation of registration for VAT to the tax authorities for voluntary or under the Law on VAT liable for the payment of VAT
    • Assisting you in return to the Value Added Tax monthly or quarterly
    • tax proceedings to authorize the submission of summary reports - ESL electronically
    • Assisting in summary statement of the VAT, ESL,
    • Serving with Tax Credits
    • the VAT rate
    • processing the refund of VAT paid abroad
  3. Local taxes
    • Making with compliance with the notification requirement
    • Making with compliance with the notification requirement
    • Tax return of property
    • Tax return of motor vehicles
    • Calculation of tax advances from motor vehicles
    • Tax for parking space for your vehicle fleet
  4. Excise duty
    Here our well versed legal attorneys and corporate solicitors will make you with every dynamic need of tax return on mineral oils, alcohol, beer, wine, tobacco and tobacco products in conjunction with the Customs Authority of the Slovak Republic
  5. Other services tax'
    • Optimizing your tax status.
    • Professional consulting and writing on complex tax issues and in conjunction with the Central Tax Directorate.
    • Tax advice on international taxation.
    • General tax representation of our customers and providing technical support in carrying out tax audit under the General Mandate.
    • Carry out independent tax audits to identify areas of risk, appropriate to your requirements.
    • Processing and execution of all complex tax reporting, reporting, and annual reconciliation of income tax from dependent activities cover the registration and reporting obligations under the tax laws.
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