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Direct Tax

Company-registration is due licensed to provide tax advice prepared to extend the deadline for filing tax returns for income tax. With this service, our tax advisors submit your tax returns within the extended time limit for filing the tax returns, i.e within six months after the reporting period. The advantage of this service lies also in the fact that this extended period, it is necessary to pay a toll. In this case, you pay taxes on three months later than you would have done without a tax adviser and thus keep valuable cash flow in your company.

If you choose the option of transferring the responsibility for your direct tax return for income tax on group Company-registration, then our tax consultants carry out a tax audit your tax liabilities, respectively. Direct tax audit of your current accounting period means examination and investigate significant operations, which could potentially mean a tax risk. At any identified significant deficiencies will notify you and present specific recommendations to minimize identified risks. The direct tax audit is to minimize the risk of additional assessments to income tax, the secondary objective is also to identify possible savings in taxes (tax optimization). Value added tax audit is considerable, recommends a combination of deferral of tax returns with the tax audit, possibly with tax optimization.

Our direct tax advisors are ready to assemble or fully prepare your tax return on various segments:
  • Taxes on corporate income
  • Direct tax assistance
  • Income tax on individuals
  • Road tax sections.
  • Property Tax law and acts
  • Real estate transfer tax
  • Inheritance sections
  • Gift Tax assistance

By creating and submitting tax returns our service does not end. Our tax advisers whose expertise as able to optimize your tax burden and through binding opinions can move your tax problems of our society.