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New Company Formation

A company is a legal group of persons incorporate to carry a same theme of business. Every company has its own its rules and regulations in respect of New Companies Act 2013. The same act is controlled and administered under the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. Every company has distinct names, having different attributes and varied boundaries while operating in the corporate market as per their type and form of corporate.

  • In India; new company formation is basically a legal process that comprised of varied phases as mentioned below:
  • Formation of new business or company as per New Companies Act 2013.
  • Conversion of existing business may be from sole pro-proctorship to LLP, private to public or to limited company or any other as per the provisions of Chapter IXA and Chapter IX of the Companies Act, 1956;
  • Incorporate your company under section 8 of the New Companies Act 2013.

Whether it is for new company formation in India or registration of new business or converting from one form of corporate to another or winding up or dissolution of company for each and every aspect New Companies Act 2013 is being followed in order to come over with company law services.

Company Formation Process and Our Services

Here we glad to introduce you with a firm offering a best of company law services in all aspects including company registration, new business formation, IPR services, merger and acquisition, funds and capital and lots more. Besides these; here we constitutes of long team of specialized attorneys and solicitors that are expert in providing latest and updated services in all business legal aspects.

Below are the steps and procedures sated for company formation process in India.
  1. First, get select the form / type of company you want to mover with.
  2. Get select the name and file an application for approval from respective Registrar of Company of the state where the head office of business is being situated.
  3. Apply for DIN numbers for the partners and file a digital certificate signature.
  4. Drafting of MOA / AOA and submit other legal documents to the same ROC.
  5. Submit payment of registration fees along with proof and details of partners and directors.
  6. Finally, obtain the certificate of company registration in India.
  7. File an application for applying the certificate of commencement of business under lie of prospectus and Form INC-21.
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