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Subsidiary Company Formation in India

Subsidiary company in India is one of the major form of FDI where the government of India has opened doors for foreign companies to come and have invest with Indian corporate market while running their branch or subsidiary office in India. As a result, over the past years numbers of foreign companies have come up while examining their hands with Indian corporate sector. Under the same policy of FDI; those companies who are operating their projects in countries other than India can open their wholly-owned subsidiary company in India only under those sectors which is already being mentioned in the list of FDI. Subsidiary companies are those corporate segments where the management or administration has been controlled by the parent or holding company that is being situated in other country than of that country of subsidiary company.

Under the subsidiary company formation; the same segment can be register as :
  1. Private limited company
  2. Public limited company
  3. Unlimited company
  4. Sole proprietorship

Under the Registrar of companies while taking all types of business activities. Thus, it is very important to choose the right and well experienced attorney that can make you with registration of a Wholly Owned subsidiary Company in India that guide and assist you in all aspect of legal wise.

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Setting up Subsidiary Company in India

Setting up of subsidiary company in India including two ways that is register as Indian office or as foreign branch office. For registration as Indian company as wholly owned subsidiary company in India then it needs to follow all the prescribed rules and regulation undertaken by New Companies Act 2013.
  • Here first need to register the name of company.
  • Then file an application for company incorporation.
  • Submit the required legal documents like registration fees, MOA / AOA.
  • Finally apply for the certification of incorporation and commencement of business in India.
Where as in second option; there are several methods to get register with Indian market including branch office, liaison office and project office; different forms of corporate having distinct obligation in respect of their limits of operations. For all these three segments of subsidiary company in India; one need to first get approval from Reserve Bank of India and submit the bank details through which these transected. After getting the successful approval from the reserve bank of India; one start his or her subsidiary company as branch / liaison / project office in India.