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Company and Commercial Contract Drafting

Contract is a key role player in every form of business whether to run at national level or international level. At inception of every business it is mandatory to understand and clear with each and every segment of what form of business is? Roles and duties at each hierarchy level? Where the operations / business will take place? Techniques / resources follow for the same? How much budget it involves? The answers to all these questions are being mentioned under the commercial contact drafting of a respective business. Before entering with any of the company and commercial contract drafting; it is necessary to understand the rules of designing the contract in order to come over with any of the future complexities or misleading statements.

With the rise in privatization and globalization of business in respect of varied segments have made the corporate sector inclined towards commercial contracts. There are several businesses facets that need the service of company and commercial contact drafting including sales contracts, IP law, co-operation agreements, loan agreements, merging and acquisition agreement and many more. In today's modern business concepts these commercial contact drafting has really played out its way of providing smooth corporate path.

To come over with the same segment of company and commercial contact drafting here we offer with your best services in the following phases :
  • We offer drafting of Memorandum of understanding between the business parties and exclusivity agreements
  • Drafting of shareholder agreement and joint venture agreement and other legal articles mandatory for the same.
  • Drafting of merging, acquisition and collaboration agreement and confidentiality agreements and undertaking.
  • Assisting in sale, manufacturing, outsourcing key clauses and drafting of distributorship and agency agreements.
  • Drafting of trademark agreements and assisting in key clauses in IP licences.
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