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Business Registration

Since business registration is one of the fundamental and vital tasks associated with doing a secure, reputed, and profitable business in any cherished economic field, ours mature and mellowed lawyers provide the whole gamut of services for business registration in all across India and the entire world.

Our globally famous law firm is well-established in Delhi, and at present, it is extensively prominent in India and worldwide for expert services connected with the company and corporate laws, intellectual property laws, business compliances and mandatory registrations, foreign direct investment, international business and trade, labor and employment law, and business and commercial laws. In ours this very information and hugely beneficial webpage, provided is comprehensive information regarding our all legal and supportive services for business registrations in all across India, for all sorts of businesses.

All small and large businesses existing in various fields of the major sectors of the business and commerce, professions, industries and manufacturing, and services, are comprehensively made registered and established by ours complete range of legal and innovative services.

The most prominent among these businesses and companies are the :
  • Small Scale Businesses
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Private and Public Limited Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • EOUs
  • Software Technological Parks (STPI)
  • NGOs
  • Section-8 Companies,
  • and Liaison or Project Offices of foreign business corporations.
To get our smooth and reliable Business Registration services, please contact us via Email ( or call at (+91-8800-100-284).

Business Registration Process and Services

For registering a business name and regulation of the business of an enterprise or company, the concerned governmental body could be any of the Directorate of Industries in the related State, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in the State, and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the Govt. of India. The business registration process and services vary depending upon the type of business or company to be registered.
  • For a small business registration (SSI) in any State, immediately concerned is the District Industries Center (DIC), or the State Directorate of Industries. There are provisions for Provisional and Permanent registrations of small businesses or enterprises.
  • For registering LLPs, contact is to be made with the MCA, and its separate LLP portal
  • For registration of An EOU, the registration application is to be forwarded to the concerned Development Commissioner and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Govt. of India.
  • For registering a private or public limited company, a section-8 company, or an STPI in any desired State of India, the most competent body is the ROC of the State.
  • And, for registration of societies, immediately concerned is the Registrar of Societies Registration in the State.
Ours well-experienced and reputed law firm of India has been extending the full breadth of legal and supporting services for formation and registration of these all forms of companies and businesses, for doing business in any economic field, and anywhere in the whole country.