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Limited Company Formation

New Companies Act, 2013 holds several acts and rules for different form of corporate. Whether it is private limited or public company every company has its norms to follow while applying for company registration in India. Limited company formation India constitute of two types including :
  1. Private Limited Company
  2. Public Limited Company
  • In Private Limited Company it needs at-least 2 directors and 2 shareholders.
  • In Public Limited Company it needs at-least 7 shareholders and 3 directors.

Besides these; there are many rules and guidelines in respect of which limited company formation India can be registered.

As we all know company is a group of persons who agreed to carry same theme of business under an agreed manner; where this group of persons can only be stated legal and wise only if they get registered under the New Companies Act 2013 India. None of the company in India can be run without the registration as it provides the legal guideline to the respective companies how to perform in the market.

Limited Company Requirements

For limited company formation and business incorporation it is required to go through the detail aspect of limited company requirements. After which one can follow the same. There are different segments as mentioned below:
  1. Minimum requirements of partners, directors and shareholders for the limited company in India.
  2. Obtain DIN number for the respective numbers of directors.
  3. Get director signature certificate for one of the director.
  4. Get approval of company name's by filing an application to the respective ROC of the same state where the head office of the limited company is situated.
  5. After approval of name; get file application for registration and formation under the New Companies Act 2013 in India. Where other documents are also needed to submit to the same like MOA / AOA and other proof of directors including Latest Electricity Bill, Driving License, Passport, Bank Statement, Voters ID Card, Telephone Bill under Form INC-22 and Form DIR-12.
  6. After the verification of all the limited company requirements you can apply for the certification of business commencement in order to launch and run your company out of any legal hurdle.
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