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Procedure and Services of Company Formation (Private Limited Company)

Ours internationally renowned full-service law firm of India has been extending expert, reliable, and responsible services for pvt ltd company registration in all across India, and countries of the world over, for a long successful and enriching period. The legal areas covered by ours well-experienced law firm are all major and most influential legal disciplines, essentially including the company law, business and commercial law, intellectual property laws, foreign direct investment, international business, etc.

In ours this very constructive web article, described comprehensively are all procedures and requirements for private limited company formation India, on behalf of Indian and global companies and investors, for doing business in any desired economic sector.

A private limited company is exclusively run and managed privately; and therefore, requires minimum administrative and financial disclosures to the public investors or governmental regulating bodies. Again, a private limited company is not authorized by the law to sell its shares to the public investors, or trade on the regional or national stock exchanges.

The entire private company formation procedure and all essential requirements for a pvt ltd company incorporation, are explained separately in the lower section, considering ease and convenience of ours Indian and global people, companies, firms, and investors.

Minimum Requirements for the Private Limited Company

In all across India, the private limited companies are registered and regulated as per the rules and provisions provided in the New Companies Act, 2013. The Registrar of Companies (RoC) of the State concerned is the immediate governmental functionary for supervising company incorporation and regulation of the activities of companies.

The minimum requirements for the pvt ltd company registration in any targeted State of India are listed below, along with the whole company formation procedure:
  1. Selection of any two partners or directors, and gathering of a minimum paid-up capital of INR-One Lakh
  2. Preparing the Director's Identification Numbers (DINs) and the Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs), with support of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the Govt. of India (
  3. Acquiring approval to and reservation of any of the proposed names of the desired company with the relevant ROC, through the Form INC -1.
  4. Drafting MOA and AOA of the company, as per the policies, principles, and objectives of the company.
  5. Filing Form INC - 7 with the ROC, for seeking company incorporation, together with the MOA and AOA of the company.
  6. Filing Form INC - 22 & DIR - 12.
  7. Obtaining the certificate of company incorporation.
  8. And then, obtaining the certificate of Commencement of Business for starting a company.
To avail our brisk and excellent services for a private limited company registration anywhere in entire India, the Indian or global visitors can immediately contact ours prestigious law firm located in Delhi you can call at +91-8800-100-284 or mail us at