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Account Advisory

We can help you make sense in the laws associated with accounting and provide the necessary sound account advisory. The company-registration after having fair years of experience in financial advice comprised a team of experienced accounts and business solicitors. Under account advisory we offer you with precise services in financial statements and cost management how best you can make fullest use of your finance. Accounting Consultancy provides the client with the processing of standard balance sheets and income statements. Account counseling service offers you assess the effectiveness of your existing accounting system along with suggestions for its improvement.

With accounting guidance related to the compilation of balance sheets, draft internal guidelines and optimization of pricing and costing. For all our clients we also offer service to the financial statements. Support the implementation and transition to new accounting standards and methodologies that is IFRS for preparation of financial methodologies, guidelines and rules for the entity / group of companies in respect of valuation methodology and manuals.

Here below are the segments where we offer the best services in account advisory:
  • Advice on the design of internal reporting and reporting including reporting package.
  • Advice on solving complex business transactions, structuring and reporting
  • Testing for impairment, evaluation and reporting of financial derivatives, hedge accounting
  • Advice regarding external reporting
  • Accounting Consultancy
  • Tax advice and record management including tax returns for all taxes
  • Business and economic advice
  • Company formation
  • Contributory and non-profit organizations
  • Management personnel administration
  • Payroll and salaries management
You can avail the benefits of the services in financial and accounting advisor where any of the solution tax and accounting issues, tax optimization and external customers; we prefer queries in the form of e-mail with subsequent written confirmation or tax consultation with a personal visit and processing of written expression; where you can call at +91-8800-100-284 or mail at