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LLC Formation

The Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are now globally famous and commonly preferred for business establishments in various economic fields of choice. In India, these limited liability companies are generally and distinguishably known as the limited liability partnership (LLP) firms. In ours this exclusive and very beneficial web article, extended is the full range of information about the formation and registration of LLPs in all across India, by Indian and foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

Today, ours law firm located in Delhi, is famous and popular in countries worldwide, for its superb, swift, and fully responsible legal services in all major disciplines of the law, essentially including the company law, intellectual property laws, foreign direct investment, corporate restructuring, international business and trade, capital market, and business regulation and promotion services.

A limited liability company is especially known for its qualities of being a legally recognized perpetual business entity, flexible administrative and operative management privately, and lavish benefits of limited liability like the incorporated companies. Moreover, the LLC formation is quite easy, simple, and fast, with no minimum amount of recommended paid-up capital requirements. Detailed information regarding how to form an LLC and furnish documents, is separately provided in the lower section, for lavish convenience of ours Indian and global visitors.

How to Form an LLC and Furnish Documents

For LLC formation in every part of India strictly follower are the rules, provisions, and regulations given in the Limited Liability partnership Act of 2008, and the LLP Rules of 2009. Rich and exclusive information regarding how to form an LLC and furnish documents for its registration is provided in the below paragraphs:

  1. To form a limited liability company as per Indian law, there are required only two partners, one of whom must be a decent resident of India. Necessary information about the limited company formation can promptly be obtained from the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Govt. of India, which is especially made for supporting and regulating LLPs in India (
  2. Making of the desired DPINs and the DSCs by the designated partners of the company, is well-supported by the website through the Form-7.
  3. Then, filed is Form-1 with the website, for getting governmental approval and reservation to the proposed names of the company.
  4. Meticulously preparing all necessary documents concerned with the administration and management of the company, with support of a well-experience lawyer.
  5. Filling in up the Form-2 and Form-4, and submitting the same to the website (
  6. Making the most appropriate and elegant LLP Agreement, for managing all business operations and administrative management of the company, after taking expert and wise counsel from a mellowed lawyer.
  7. Then, filing the Form-3 (giving information about the LLP Agreement). The LLP Agreement can be preferably submitted within thirty days from the date of incorporation of the LLP.
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