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FCRA Registration in India

FCRA is stated for Foreign Contribution Regulation Act where the funds are being granted for the specific purposes like for educational, cultural, religious, economics and social enhancement. These funds can be offered by any of the foreign company to any of the organization located at different country but only after the same organization is being registered under the central government and having a certification of FCRA under the FCRA registration in India 1976 act. If the organization is not registered under the central government and need support from foreign contribution regulation act in that case it can apply for permission certificate from the central government but this permission is only stated for specific purpose and from the specific source. If the individual or organization seems to violate any of the act of FCRA its certificate will be cancelled and the current unutilized amount of foreign contribution will be sealed by the government; so, one should be careful and fair while exercising the foreign contribution.

The certification from the central government in respect of FCRA specifies:
  • The person or group of persons who can participate and receive foreign contribution.
  • The field or theme in respect of which the respective foreign contribution can be received.
  • The tasks or purposes for which the same foreign contribution shall be utilized.
  • It defines the respective sources from which the listed person or group of persons can accept foreign contribution under the foreign contribution regulation act.
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Documents Required for FCRA Registration

Without FCRA registration in India no one can participate in foreign contribution for the respective purposes; to reap all the FCRA benefits it is mandatory to get company registered under the FCRA act in India. Every country has its own rules and regulations for controlling and administering the FCRA department where in India one need to submit the below mentioned documents for FCRA registration.

  • Duly filled form FC-3 in triplicate.
  • Submit the statement of audited accounts from past three years.
  • Submit the statement includes the activities of past three years as annual report.
  • Submit the copy of registration certificate if the association is already registered as society or trust.
  • Submit the copy of Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association.
  • List of purposes and activities for the respective foreign contribution is being utilized.
  • Details of members and board of organization and association and company need foreign contribution certificate.
  • Submit the copy of attorney of organization and association and company need foreign contribution certificate.
  • Submit the copy of resolution of the company that authorizes the registration under FCRA.
  • List of current members in the organization, association and company needs certification for foreign contribution.
  • If the organization has any publications or journal, then the detail of the same needs to be submit.
  • Submit the details of prior FCRA if the association has already received the foreign contribution with or without the prior approval of the Central Government
  • Detail of bank through which the FCRA transaction is being processed.
  • Submit the copy of all the documents issued by the Income Tax Department u/s80G and 12A

Besides these; the rules and regulations have been reformed at the regular interval of time by the concern authority; thus, to confirm with the same you can call at +91-8800-100-284 or email at